• This is a Vegetarian product..
  • BENEFITS: This Glow and Immunity Tea helps for Weight Loss and your Body to Get Rid of Toxins, Thereby Increasing your Immunity and Promoting Clear Glowing Skin..
  • 100% PURE TEAS: No Oils, No Added Aromas, No Added Flavours, No Artificial Essences, Just Pure and Natural Teas. Our Teas are Completely Pure with Only Natural Ingredients Added to Them..
  • SENSORY EXPERIENCE: The liquor when brewed is a very light green, with subtle notes of lime that complement the mellow fresh green flavor. The bright lemony infusion blooms into whole tea leaves heightening the sensory experience of the natural, raw taste of this special tea. Best enjoyed during mid morning or evening..
  • CAFFEINE LEVEL: Low | CERTIFICATION: Rainforest Alliance.
  • Teamonk Sencha Green Tea for Weight Loss| 100% Natural Loose Leaf Tea | Nan Shin Sencha Green Tea for Weight Loss | Whole Leaf Tea | No Additives.
  • Imported from India.
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Teamonk Sencha Green Tea, Long Leaf 50 Grams