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Product: 805536

Adorama Variable Grade, Black and White Resin Coated Photo Enlarging Paper, 5x7", 25 Sheets, Glossy Surface.

Product Description

Suitable for use with Variable Contrast Filters from ILFORD or KODAK or for exposure with Chromogenic filters in color enlargers.

Superb full grade range performance, supports grade 0 to grade 5 contrast

Can be developed in all standard print paper developers including Adorama, Kodak, Ilford, Photographers' Formulary, Sprint & Zonal Pro.

Registered ISO 9001

Manufactured with the strictest quality control procedures

Imported from USA

Adorama VGRC is a high speed, variable contrast, black and white enlarging paper with a medium weight, polyethylene
coated base. The paper base is 190 g/m2 coated on both sides with 40 g/m2 of polyethylene giving a base weight of
approximately 270 g/m2 and a thickness of approximately 245 microns. The silver halide emulsion has a silver content of
approximately 1.5 g/m2. Adorama VC RC gives a consistent image tone across all grades, exhibits excellent image
sharpness and is available in Glossy & Pearl surfaces. The use of yellow and magenta colored filters permits selection
of required contrast from a range of grades similar to that of graded papers. A neutral-cool image tone and clean white
base combine to give a high quality paper equally suitable for tray or machine processing. Adorama VGRC is designed for
use with tungsten or tungsten halogen light sources, other light sources may give different contrast values. Exposure of
the paper is straight forward, depending on which filter system is in use. For Ilford Multigrade filters, grades 00 to
3.5 have the same speed (ISO P250) and grades 4 and 5 require approximately twice the exposure. For the filter settings
of table B, grades 0 to 4 have the same speed (ISO P320). Grades 00 and 5 require more exposure (ISO P250). When no
filter is used, the paper has a contrast of approximately grade 2 and a speed of ISO P 640. Open only in a photographic
darkroom illuminated by standard OC or red safelights cont