Sirius XM Hardwire Power Kit

by Sirius

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Product ID: 805855


  • Includes: Power Converter, 12V Power Cable, 5V Power Cable, 5V PowerConnect-sized Power Cable**, Fuse Holder, Cable Mounting Hardware
  • **Although this kit will work with SIRIUS or XM PowerConnect docks & radios, it does NOT offer the FM transmission boosting capabilities found in the regular PowerConnect cigarette lighter adapter.
  • NOTE: The PowerConnect cable included in this kit has a yellow tip, unlike the PowerConnect Cigarette Lighter Adapter which has a red tip. This will not effect performance as this part is still fully compatible with your PowerConnect vehicle dock.
  • This kit includes everything required to hardwire the power of SIRIUS and XM PowerConnect, 5 volt and 12 volt radios
    directly to a motorcycle or car electrical system. It will work with most vehicle electrical systems that are 9-16 Volt.


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