Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

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  • Features multiple levels
  • running and jumping action
  • variety of power-ups
  • collect coins for extra lives
  • bonus game at the end of each level
  • The Sugar Pirates have stolen a statue of Princess Peach. Wario, the greedy little imp that he is, figures that he can
    pilfer the statue from the pirates and sell it back to the Royal Family for a tidy sum. You take control of Wario as he
    embarks on this quest. You'll have to travel through a number of levels filled with running and jumping action. You will
    also have to deal with a number of enemies and obstacles, but with your hats that grant extra abilities like flying and
    breathing fire, the odds are in your favor. While working your way through the levels, you will also want to collect any
    treasures you can find, as well as any coins you come across. If you have enough coins at the end of a stage, you can
    play a bonus game to earn more coins and extra lives. See if you can turn a profit in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.