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Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics: Jewelry Box

Product Description

1000+ sticky foam and jewel pieces

1 jewelry box

Mosaic-by-number butterfly design

8" x 6" x 4.25" assembled box

No tools required

Imported from USA

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Sticky Mosaics Jewelry Box

* Ages: 5 years and up
* Requires: Ready to play

At a Glance:

* Mosaic-by-numbers features outlines for clarity
* Fun, shiny butterfly and floral designs
* Mess-free sticky pieces are easy to apply
* Box is ideal for storing treasures and jewelry

Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Jewelry Box Dazzling mosaic jewelry box holds all those precious treasures. View larger.
Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Jewelry Box Box is as fun to design as it is to use.
View larger. The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Jewelry Box offers a fun and functional project to girls aged 5 years and
up. The mosaic-by-numbers kit contains more than 1,000 sticky pieces that, when applied, create sparkling butterfly and
flower designs on the included pink box. The box is outlined and numbered to indicate where each mosaic piece goes. And
the sticky pieces are ready to apply--no glue needed--making this craft project mess-free and ready for play.

Number-Coded Box is Easy to Decorate

With more than 1,000 gems, foil pieces, and shiny puffed stickers to adorn the box, the Mosaic Jewelry Box offers hours
of crafting fun. The numbers one through nine label where each color and style of piece should go on the jewelry box,
making it simple to decorate. To aid further, the numbers sit within an outline of the shape of their coordinating
pieces. This ensures that the position of the squares, circles, and flowers are easily identifiable by both number and

Every side, including the bottom, has clearly marked spaces for the sparkly embellishments. Once the sticky pieces are
in place, the jewelry box will shine with colorful butterfly and floral designs.

Sticky Pieces are Simple to Apply

The foil and glitter tiles feature sticky backs, just like stickers. Since this backing is already attached, there is
no need for the mess and hassle of glue. The stickers securely attach, ensuring they stay in place over time, even
through extended play.

Our testers found that the gems were more difficult to work with, as many of them left their sticky backing on the
plastic when they were removed from the sheet. Peeling them off the sheet slowly and carefully seemed to eliminate this
issue. Once off the sheet, they were just as easy to stick on as the foil and glitter pieces, and stay on just as

Pretty Space for Stowing Treasures

The jewelry box's lid opens up to reveal a spacious area for storing treasures. The box also has a single drawer on the
bottom to provide more room for jewelry or small trinkets.

What's in the Box

The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Jewelry Box, instruction sheet, and 1000+ glitter, foil, and gem sticky pieces.