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Product: 807759

The ORIGINAL Bed Band - Adjustable Fastener/Holder/Strap/Suspender/Gripper for Your Sheets. Patent Pending (1 Pack)

Product Description

Set of 4. Ease of use. Cordlock button allows you to control desired tension.

Versatility. Works with ALL types of bedding. No heavy lifting required. Bedside installation.

Built with durable round elastic, nickel plated clamps with fabric protector and unique cord lock.

Dependable. Patent Pending design.

Imported from USA

Bed Band is the newest patent pending product for keeping your sheets tight all night long! To satisfy the requests of
Bed Band customers we are proud to now offer them to Amazon customers. Bed Bands utilize yacht- grade elastic cord,
durable nickel-plated clamps with built-in fabric protector, along with push button cord lock. Once Bed Band is
installed on corners of bedding (or anywhere you choose), desired tension is just a push of a button away. Want more
tension? Press button and pull cord. Less tension? Press button and release cord. It is that simple. Bed Band's patent
pending design allows dependable adjustability for ALL the standard size, ridgeless, foam, pillowtop, air, semi's, RV's
travel trailers bedding/mattresses and more!. Bed Band was originally created to replace the other "sheet holder"
products. However, we have customer feedback reporting the Bed Band is being used for many other uses around the home.
Bed Band is being used for holding coverings in place for hammocks, tablecloths, bar-b-que covers, RV/Semi-truck
bedding, towels on boat seats...and many more! The large nickel-plated clips allow many types of material to be held in
place. Customer feedback is always appreciated. We are looking forward to hearing new uses for Bed Band! Made in
Texas, USA.