Product: 809514

Product Description

3-block standard gaming keyboard

20 additional multimedia keys

8 swappable gaming keys

Special customization software for games and other applications (e.g. Photoshop, Windows, browser etc.)

N-key rollover support for up to 18 keys

Fully programmable keys

Supports 10 different profiles with 3 layers each

Imported from USA

You wait for the perfect moment to attack. Every second passes in breathless suspense. Highest concentration – maximum
stress – pure Adrenalin! You know the weakness of your opponents and your own strength! You rely on your abilities and
your skills, now you can rely on your Skiller keyboard. 104 keys plus 20 multimedia keys wait for your input. Eight
additional blue gaming keyboard waiting to be used, when you need them. Duck, roll, pull out a weapon, shoot – in combat
there are always moments when you have to press multiple keys simultaneously. The Skiller offers you an 18 key Rollover
Function – so no command remains in the distance. You’re fighting on different fronts and always need a personalized
combat environment. The Skiller can be individually configured with the included software: Every single key can be
assigned functions, shortcuts, or entire command sets – for every game, every mission, and every other program. Strap
yourself into the battle! Trust in the precision and function variety of your Skiller keyboard.