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Neotech Trombone Grip

Product Description

Creates a comfortable custom grip to support the weight of the instrument

Easy to attach

Adjustable to 18 positions

Fits most trombones

Made in the USA

Imported from USA

Neotech's innovative Trombone Grip™ supports the weight of a trombone while maintaining the proper playing position.
It’s designed to be adjusted to fit both the instrument and the musician’s hand, providing unparalleled comfort, balance
and support while playing.

In order to achieve a custom fit for any style/size of trombone, Neotech's Trombone Grip™ comes with three sizes of
wraps (bushings) along with several shims to create the perfect platform for the hand grip to snap on. Once the correct
bushing type is selected and firmly attached, the hand grip is easily affixed. It can be adjusted forward and back as
well as at a slight angle to create the perfect playing position. This means that the Trombone Grip™ can be placed in a
position for optimal support and balance of the instrument. The grip incorporates a soft, durable neoprene strap which
closes securely and comfortably across the back of the hand. It allows for a full range of movement and a comfortable,
yet secure hold on the instrument. While the custom-fit bushing remains on the instrument, the grip portion is easily
removed for storing and transporting the instrument.

Using the Trombone Grip™, musicians of all ages and those with smaller hands can now hold a trombone without undue
stress on the hand and fingers. This keeps musicians free from potential long-term injury and enables them to
concentrate on their technique and music rather than on the strain of holding the instrument.