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Darkroom Timer Photographer Unisex Analog Watch

Product Description

Our watch brings the classic darkroom timer back for photography enthusiasts.

Features a 38mm diameter face, genuine leather band, and Japanese quartz movement. Glows in the dark.

Battery included, and comes boxed in a beautiful tin display case.

Protected by a 2 year Asurion warranty (see details below)

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Imported from USA

Remember darkrooms, developers, red lighting and chemical baths? Back before you could take pictures with your phone,
you had to use a type of camera that required rolls of "film. " Light would be let through the lens of the camera and
would coat the film, capturing an image that appeared on the other side of the lens. Then you'd have to go into a
darkened room (called a "darkroom") to open up the film cartridge and mix it with chemicals to create a film negative.
Stick with us here. Then you would use equipment to shine light through the negative onto photographic paper, which was
then put through a series of chemical baths. You would need to time these processes in order to properly develop a
photograph, and to time them, you'd need a timer. One that looks a lot like this watch. Our watch brings it all back for
photography enthusiasts. Glows in the dark.