• SANOXY Mini Portable Wi-Fi Router 300Mbps Wireless-N Range Extender Hotspot Access Point Amplifier AP Signal Booster High Speed Network Router/AP/Client/Bridge/Repeater Modes with Switch WPS Button.
  • Multiple Modes: Router, Client, Bridge, Repeater, AP mode operation modes, which is suitable for different network demands.
  • High Quality Network: Wireless network connection speed up to 300Mbps, high speed and long range network. Ideal for Video Streaming, Web Browsing, Online Gaming and File Downloading.
  • Compact to fit in your pocket and with no cables to plug in.
  • High Compatibility: Compatible with any wireless network devices that comply with the agreement of 802.11n/b/g, including Desktop, PC, Tablet, Laptop, Smart TC, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Imported from USA.
SANOXY Wireless Multifunction Mini Router features a variety of modes to fill whatever role required in your network; it has enough speed and wireless range to power a complex assortment of devices, enabling you to create a highly efficient mobile office or entertainment network in no time. Small enough to fit in a pocket, with wireless speeds up to 300Mbps and two 10/100Mbps LAN ports, the Mini Router is the perfect choice for high-bandwidth applications like video streaming, VoIP, and online gaming. Only passwords containing letters and numbers are supported (no special characters). Router mode functions as a typical router, connecting to the internet provided by your ISP and broadcasting a wireless signal, to create your own network. Repeater mode lets you connect to your existing network and amplify it. This enables you to extend the range of your wireless network - invaluable if you have a weak connection in a room far away from your router. Access Point The Mini Router can create a wireless connection from a wired source in Access Point mode. If only an Ethernet port or Ethernet cable is available, the router can connect to the wired connection and broadcast a wireless network that all your devices can connect to. Bridge In Bridge mode, the Mini Router can connect to an existing wireless network and rebroadcast it under a new name; useful for organizing different users of your network into separate connections: e.g., if you ran a coffee shop and wanted to create a separate network name for your customers to connect to. Client In Client mode, the Mini Router connects to a device such as a Smart TV or video game console using an Ethernet cable and then can be used as a wireless adapter, enabling the connected device to connect to the internet wirelessly.