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Product: 810104

Unique Wholesale Transparent Water Gels Packet Vase Fillers for Floating the Pearls... The Black and White Pearls are Sold Separately

Product Description

A Preperation Instructions Sheet ( very easy) is included with every order.

The Transparent Water Gels is a good source of water for fresh cut flowers, plants (see 3rd photo), and are safe for The Pearl Beads. They are removable and reusable.

One Packet will generate about 8 measuring cups of hydrated Transparent Water Gels.

The Jumbo Pearls are the hottest trend and you can use this product, our Transparent Water Gels to float the Pearls. The Transparent Water Gels works like magic. (the Pearls that are showing in the photos are sold separately and the vases are not for sale). Our Transparent Water Gels are tiny clear color balls at first (see 4th photo) to be used for floating The Pearls, making a unique and elegant floating look which can be used with or without floating candles or flowers for table centerpieces and great as stockings stuffers.

Please note that this product The Transparent Water Gels is transparent and is not the Pearls that are showing in the photos (the Pearls are sold separately). You will need this product our Transparent Water Gels which is SPECIALLY made to FLOAT the Pearl Beads and for MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY. You will need to order the Pearl Beads Packs (sold separately in the color of your choice) for the Floating Pearls Concept. One Jumbo Transparent Water Gels Packet fills 8 cups of water for your vase and you can use only some of it if you want to. Our Transparent Water Gels are very easy to prepare, just add water to The Transparent Water Gels. You can use tap water if it is clear otherwise use distilled water or boil water for 2 minutes and cool down. Soak for 12-14 hours to hydrate and expand, and as a result they will become a transparent gel like balls that will help the Pearl Beads float. You can also transport or store them for later use after they are hydrated in a seal-able plastic bag. You can also keep the arrangement looking good for a long time by changing the water every 3-4 Weeks. You can also store the dry Water Gels for several years, in a dry place away from direct Sun light.

Imported from USA

The Jumbo Pearls are the hottest trend and you can Use our Transparent Water Gel to float The Pearl Beads (the Pearl
Beads will NOT float in water alone). Please note that the Transparent Water Gels are specially made to be transparent
and to float the Pearl Beads. Please allow 12-14 hours to soak the Water Gels. You can make the arrangement last for
several months by changing and adding fresh water to The Transparent Water Gels twice a week. The unused Transparent
Water Gels do not expire, therefore You can order extra Transparent Water Gels Packets for your future use.