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Ultra Lite Cat Litter, Multiple Formula, 10-Pound

Product Description

Eliminates Odors from Feces and Urine

Weighs 60% less than comparable clumping clay litters


Light Fresh Scent

Soft on Paws

Weighs 60-percent less than comparable clumping clay litters


Imported from USA

Ultra Lite Cat Litter – Multi-Cat Formula is a dual action, non-allergenic, scoopable litter that eliminates the odors
associated with urine and feces. It combines the clumping convenience of Bentonite Clay with the Superior Odor Control
and Moisture Absorption of Silica Gel Crystals. Ultra Lite is 60-percent lighter than most clumping clay litters for the
same volume of litter. Ultra Lite has the same texture as clumping clay so it is easy for cats to switch to this litter
and the fresh fragrance keeps the litter box area smelling nice. Each bag has an easy to carry handle.