Product: 811512

TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men's

AED 264

Product Description

460cc driver features a deep face and maximum C.O.R. design

Titanium matrix construction is perfect for tee shots

Graphite shaft is strong and stable

Right-handed driver delivers great distance and low trajectory

Excellent driver for any amateur golfer

Imported from USA

The TEC Plus 460cc Ti Matrix features a deep face and maximum C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution). C.O.R. is a measure
of how efficiently energy, in the form of velocity, is transferred between the ball and the club head. Essentially, a
maximum C.O.R. means that this club has the largest, USGA legal, “spring effect”. The strong graphite shaft and titanium
matrix construction provide forgiveness, allowing shots that are not hit in the center of the face to still remain
precise. The TEC Plus driver delivers consistently high, long ball flights, and is the perfect club for anyone looking
for an affordable driver.