Pet Naturals Hairball (45 count)

by Pet Naturals Of Vermont

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  • Supports skin and hair health
  • Is NOT a Laxative and Lubricant
  • Contains no mineral oil
  • Contains no herbals
  • Contains Psyllium
  • Pet Naturals of Vermont


    Instead, HAIRBALL includes zinc to support collagen production and fatty acid metabolism; omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
    and lecithin to support skin hydration; and psyllium to support G.I. tract health.

    HAIRBALL is Recommended for:

    * Hairballs
    * Excessive shedding
    * Dry, cracked or itchy skin
    * Dull or thin coat

    About our formula:


    Psyllium is a highly soluble fiber that acts like a sponge to support removal of toxins and undigested materials as
    they travel through the digestive tract. Psyllium assists in moving easily ingested hair through the tract and colon.

    Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

    HAIRBALL includes omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for extra support. Heredity and immune challenges can leave cats
    unequipped with fatty-acid converting enzymes, so it’s important they have access to an outside source. Without a
    healthy diet, cats will not receive the important benefits of fatty acids and may develop coat discoloration and scaly
    skin and have difficulty healing.

    Omega 3 fatty acids contain alpha-linoleic acid, which supports a healthy inflammatory response and can be beneficial
    for irritated or dry, papery skin. Omega 3s support cell membrane flexibility, allowing the cell to better receive
    nutrients and eliminate toxins. When the cell membrane is healthy, the skin is likely to remain hydrated, minimizing


    Lecithin promotes skin flexibility, hydration and resiliency. Healthy skin cells directly influence how well the hair
    will grow, function and shed. Deficiencies of lecithin can lead to loss of skin elasticity, dryness, scaliness,
    increased fur matting, discoloration of hair, lack of regrowth and increased shedding.

    Zinc and Biotin

    HAIRBALL includes zinc, which is required for fatty acid metabolism. Zinc is involved in keratin and collagen
    production. You may know collagen as the stuff your lips are filled with, but it’s also the stuff they’re made of—and so
    are hair follicles and other skin tissues. Biotin provides additional antioxidant support for skin and hair health.

    Directions for Use

    Is your cat caught in a HAIRY situation?

    What’s Left Out

    HAIRBALL is not a laxative or lubricant. Cat owners don’t have to worry about it disrupting normal feline digestion.

    It contains no mineral oil, which can disrupt normal digestion and block nutrient absorption in cats.

    It doesn’t even contain common herbals. Diuretic herbs in some hairball products may actually dehydrate your pet,
    reduce skin moisture, cause skin and coat dysfunction and increase hairball formation.

    The flavor cats favor!

    HAIRBALL combines synergistic health elements in a highly palatable chicken liver-flavored chew. HAIRBALL is for
    everyday use or as necessary when hairballs have formed.

    HAIRBALL Chews!Fun Shaped Chews!