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BestAir ES12 Kenmore 14911 / Emerson HDC-12 Replacement Wick Filter - 4 filters

Product Description

Specifically designed for use with your humidifier

Made in the USA

4 pack, extended life wick filter, fits Emerson models HD1100, 1102, 1200, 1202, 1204, 1212, 1300 & 14452, 14453, hdc-12

Adds extra shine to your product

Proudly made in the USA

Antimicrobial Wick Filter

Traps impurities in the water

Up to 150% stronger

Aluminum reinforcement

Imported from USA

BestAir Extended Life Humidiwick 4pk For Emerson, Quiet Comfort & Kenmore Humidifiers Wick filter fits Emerson
HD1100/02, 1200/02/04/12/14, 1300/01/03/05, 1405/06/07, HD230 (HDC-12) and Quiet Comfort 12 gal; Kenmore
14415/17/52/53/54, 14911, 144150/151/170/521/522/523/530/531/532/533 (14911), 154140/200, 42.14452/53/54,
758.144150/151/170/171, 14452/520/521/522/523/5630/531/532/533, 154140/200, 155171, 299751C/752C/870C; 2pk Our
specialized woven paper honeycomb pads allow for the maximum absorption of water for the best possible humidity output
in the industry. Up to 150% more strength. Traps impurities in the water. Specifically designed for use with your
humidifier. Aluminum reinforcement for longer filter wick life. Antimicrobial. Made in the USA