• Airbrush-ready paint can be intermixed with other Air-Opaque colors.
  • Quick drying, water resistant.
  • Made of organic pigments in water based acrylic copolymer, ready-to-use, requires no chemical thinner (thin with water, if necessary).
  • Low odor; Safe to use; 100-Percent colorfast.
  • Non-flammable, Non-carcinogenic.
  • Imported from USA.
Badger Air-Brush Company's Air-Opaque Paints are Airbrush-ready colors. The 7 bottle Secondary Color set includes 1 each (1 ounce bottles) of Scarlet, Magenta, Orange, Violet, Indigo, Aqua and Turquoise. For artists who demand vibrant color and consistent results, Air-Opaque offers an exciting range of pre-reduced, colorfast, water-based acrylic, non-toxic colors. Used by illustrators, fine artists, and professional nail artists, they are formulated for use with airbrushes, technical pens (not recommended with pearlescent), and paint brushes. For use on paper, illustration board, canvas, wood, and acrylic nails. Air-Opaque is formulated to make clean up of tools quick and easy. Air-Opaque is available in 40 popular colors, sold in individual 4 ounce bottles. Air-Opaque airbrush cleaner is available in easy dispensing bottles, 4 ounce (120 milliliter) and 16 ounce (480 milliliter) sizes. Air-Opaque airbrush paints meet ASTMD-4236 standards. Not recommended for use by children ages 14 and under without adult supervision. Made in the U.S.A.