Product: 851408

Tour Striker Men's Pro 7 Iron Golf Club (Left Handed, Stiff Graphite Shaft)

Product Description

#1 selling training club in golf

Increase your club head speed

Develop Tour quality impact just by practising with a Tour Striker

Greater distance with more control

Learn to hit down on the ball like a Tour player

Imported from USA

Tour Striker training clubs help teach you to hit down and through the ball like a Tour player. Tour Striker will help
you develop greater lag and club head speed, resulting in greater distance, accuracy and lower scores. Tour Striker is
available as an 8 iron, 7 iron, 7X iron (has a smaller hitting area), 5 iron and sand weddge. Working with different
Tour Strikers will help every aspect of your game. Thousands are in use, helping golfers of all skill levels learn to
play better golf and have more fun.