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The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch Fir Edition

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Dartnell, a UK Space Agency research fellow and award-winning science writer, specializes in the field of
astrobiology, including how microorganisms could survive on Mars. It’s no wonder, then, that this renowned young
scientist is fascinated by survival tactics, the underlying theme of this ambitious inquiry into how people might be
able to rebuild the world as we know it if an apocalypse came to pass. As much as any writer could cover the history of
technology in 300 pages, Dartnell presents a good case. His account quickly progresses from raising crops to ­making
soap, shearing and spinning wool, mining coal, generating electricity, and building radios. Of course, since this is all
speculation, it’s hard to predict what people would be able to scavenge and what will be left intact or who might be on
earth besides yourself. Dartnell doesn’t address questions of governing this survivors’ society or how people would
collaborate on rebuilding or how hopeless some will feel without Google and smartphones. Still, Dartnell’s vision is a
great start in understanding what it took to build our world. --Laurie Borman

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The Wall Street Journal:
“The Knowledge is a fascinating look at the basic principles of the most important technologies undergirding modern
society… a fun read full of optimism about human ingenuity. And if I ever see mushroom clouds on the far horizon, this
might be a good book to reach for.”

Boston Globe:
“[Dartnell’s] plans may anticipate the destruction of our world, but embedded in them is the hope that there might be a
better way to live in the pre-apocalyptic world we inhabit right now.”

New York Post:
“A stimulating read, a grand thought experiment on re-engineering the food, housing, clothing, heat, clean water and
every other building block of civilization.”

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