• ◎3 Way L Port 1/2" NPT Reduce Bore(0.47in) Brass Valve Body;.
  • ◎Wide Range Working Voltage Design, Will Working At Voltage From 9-24VAC And 9-36VDC, Including 12VDC 24VDC 24VAC;.
  • ◎Limit Switches Built-In, Auto Cut Off Current When Arrived At Place(0Ma When Fully Open or Fully Closed),Saving And Long Life;.
  • ◎Only Connecting 2 Wires(Red/Black) To The Power Supply Then The Valve Can Be Opened, Normally Closed Design(Built-In Capacitor Return), Will Return To Original Position When Power Off/Power Failed;.
  • ◎Installed With Green/Blue, Yellow, White 3 Colors Electrical Signal Feedback Wires, Fully Open And Fully Closed Signal Feedback Showing The Valve Status According To The Need, If You Don't Need It, Cut it Out or Leave It Unattached..
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  • Imported from USA.
Size Name:1/2" Brass Technical Parameter: ◎Model: T15-B3L-B; ◎Working Voltage: 9-24VAC/DC; ◎Valve Dimension:1/2" NPT Female Thread Connection, 12mm(0.47in) Reduce Bore; ◎Wiring Diagram:CR5-02(2 Wires Control, Installed With Position Feedback Wires); ◎Valve Body Material: Brass; ◎Actuator Material: Engineering Plastics; ◎Open/Closed Time: Less Than 7Sec.; ◎Suitable Media: Air, Water, Oil; ◎Power: Max 2 Watts; ◎Manual Override: Yes; ◎Indicator: Yes; ◎Working Current: Max 500Ma When Action, Cut Off Current When Arrived At Place; ◎Max. Torque Force For Aucator: 2 N.M; ◎Cables Length: 0.5 Meters; ◎Max Working Pressure:145PSI(1.0MPA); ◎Liquid Temperature: 32°~212°F (0°~100°C); ◎Environment Temperature:5~122F(-15°~50°C); Application: ◎HVAC; ◎Water Treatment; ◎Chemical Process; ◎Small Industrial Equipment For Automatic Control; ◎Replacing Solenoid Valve, Particularly When Solenoid Cannot Work Reliably; ◎Automatic Control Systems; ◎Efficient Water-Saving, Water Equipment; ◎Solar Hot Water Project; ◎Regular Watering The Flowers, Timing Humidifying, Timing of Drainage of Air Compressor. Features: ◎Smart Shape, Perform Reliably, Large Output Torque, As Long As 50000-100000 Times , Convenience For All Kinds Of Requirements; ◎Float Ball design, No Leak, Large Flow, The Valve is Bi-directional Ball Valve , Regardless of Inlet And Outlet , Most Suitable for Heavy Dirt and Long Time No Action; ◎The Conditions That Solenoid Valve Can Not Be Worked; ◎High Protection Class, Can Be Worked In Most Conditions; ◎POM Cooperate With Metal Gear, The POM Gear is Used in High-Speed Level to Reduce Noise, At The Same Time Metal Gear is Applied At The Low-Grade To Ensure The Reliability of The Gear; ◎Electrical and Mechanical Limit Integrated Design, Accurate Localization ,High consistency , Put an End to Swing of Valve.

HSH-Flo 3 Way 1/2" 3/4" 1" 12V/24VAC/DC L Type Auto Return Brass Electrical On/Off Motorized Ball Valve (1/2" Brass)

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