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Product: 860054

Miallegro 9090 Mitutto 550-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Professional-style

Product Description

Powerful and professional style, 550 watts, 5 speeds and turbo button

Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store; dishwasher-safe attachments

Mitutto does it all: chops, mixes, grinds, blends, whisks, whips, and froths

Accessories: Big chopping attachment, whisk, 4 blades for different uses, and wall mount

Elegant style, ergonomic and stainless steel finish; long 5-feet cord; 15-month warranty

Imported from USA

MiTutto 9090 with accessories

MiTutto 9090 Immersion Hand Blender by Miallegro

Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store--the MiTutto by Miallegro Immersion Hand Blender is designed to inspire
you to create joyful moments in everyday cooking. Reviewed and recommended by a leading consumer magazine three times
consecutively, MiTutto's performance delivers professional results that are sure to impress even the most experience
users of immersion blenders.

Blend, Chop, Whip, Grind, Puree, Aerate

This remarkably compact stick blender features a powerful 550-watt DC motor with 5-speed control and turbo boost along
with four blade attachments that make it equally at ease with frozen fruits, icy drinks, or steaming soups.

Simplify Food Preparation and Cleanup

Unlike bulky food processors and blenders, the MiTutto goes where the food is--simply immerse the blender shaft to
blend, chop, whip, grind, puree, froth, or aerate most frozen or hot ingredients directly in your pitcher, jar, bowl, or
sauce pan saving time and messy cleanup.

Key Features:

* 550-watt DC motor with 5 variable speeds and turbo button for additional boost of power
* Durable stainless steel shaft, whisk, and blade construction
* BPA free chopper bowl and measuring/mixing cup
* Ergonomic silicone wrapped handle for secure grip
* Plastic wall mount bracket for space saving storage
* Dishwasher-safe attachments
* 5-foot long power cord
* Instruction manual included
* 15-month warranty

Easy to Clean, Easy to Store, Easy to Use

All removable MiTutto accessories are dishwasher safe. The handle can simply be wiped clean. The blender and whisk
attachment can be stored conveniently on the wall with the included mounting bracket.

Multi-Purpose Accessories

Blending Shaft

The MiTutto blending shaft switches easily between four blades so that you can go from blending to whipping in just a
few seconds.

MiTutto Blending Shaft

Whisk Attachment

Whip cream, beat egg whites, blend spongy mixes and ready-mix desserts.

MiTutto Whisk Attachment

Chopper Bowl

This mini food processor is perfectly sized to prepare dressings and dips in seconds. It also chops onions, garlic, and
other herbs and can grind nuts, bread, parmesan and other hard cheeses. Perfect for baby food preparation too.

MiTutto Chopper Bowl

Ergonomic Silicone Wrapped Handle

This small but mighty handle contains a professional 550-watt motor variable speed control from 1 to 5 and a turbo
button for an additional power boost when blending through tough ingredients. The anti-slip Ergonomic Comfort Silicone
Handle offers allows you to get the hard work done with ease.

MiTutto Blending Handles

Interchangeable Blades

With 4 multifunction blades, MiTutto allows you to Do It All in your kitchen with one appliance. Quickly switch the
blades using the included blade removable tool. Once you try the MiTutto, you will know that this is the only food
preparation tool you need in your kitchen.

MiTutto Chopper Attachment


Powerfully and effectively chops all kinds of meats: beef, chicken, turkey, pork, veal and also raw vegetables. Great
for casseroles, stews, meat loaf, beef chili, quiche, crab cakes, baby foods, chicken pot pie, and more.

MiTutto Puree Attachment


Perfect to puree vegetables, fruits, mashed potatoes, gravies, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, dressings, cocktails, pancakes,
hummus, soup, and more.

MiTutto Aerator


Produces air in food to quickly create froth, whip cream, or beat egg whites. Perfect for eggnog, puddings, frostings,
soufflé, and more.

MiTutto Blender


Blend all types of food including frosting, shakes, fruit and vegetable juices, sauces, salad dressings, frozen
cocktails, soups and more.