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Product: 860385

Infrared Building Diagnostics Thermal Imager, thermometer, infrared imaging, thermal imager

Product Description

1.-20 ~ 400 ℃ wide range and high accuracy

2.3.5 inch HD TFT touch screen

3 automatic image adjustment histogram

4 camera and video capabilities

5.19200 pixels (160 * 120) IR resolution

Imported from USA

DT-9875 Infrared uncooled focal plane infrared detector, the measured infrared spectra of objects with high-resolution,
high sensitivity of the pseudo-color image presented in front of you; For static and dynamic measurement of objects work
easy; can combine images, video, and voice stored in the Micro SD card, to facilitate computer-depth analysis and
statistics. Excellent performance, excellent quality, high cost, is the best tool for your work needs.
DT-9875 Features
1.-20 ~ 400 ℃ wide range and high accuracy
2.3.5 inch HD TFT touch screen
3.LED lamp, IP65 protection rating, 2 m drop resistance design of scientific rigor
4.20 times zoom function can be
5 automatic image adjustment histogram
6 camera and video capabilities
7 Innovation IR / image fusion, picture in picture function
8.19200 pixels (160 * 120) IR resolution
9.640 * 480 resolution visible light
10 live voice recording function
11.USB and SD card output, the fuselage with 4G SD card, expanded to maximum 64G
12 three moveable point automatic real-time tracking and labeling