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Patio Lawn And Garden > Product: 860663

#1 Expandable Garden Water Hose & Nozzle Combo, Expanding From 17’ to 50ft, Three Times its Length – This Flexible High Volume Garden Hose is Strong Lightweight Natural Rubber and Never Kinks or Tangles. The Shrinking Garden Hose is Collapsible and Fits in Your Pocket.

Product Description

LIGHTWEIGHT AND NOT BULKY- 1.1lb compared to a standard garden hose weighing approx. 5lbs. Great for the elderly or those with a bad back

NO KINKS & TANGLES - No fighting with frustrating kinks or awkward tangles. Relax and Enjoy watering the garden.

EASY TO USE – Turn the water on & the hose expands, turn the water off while holding the spray open and the hose shrinks to its original size, automatically draining the remaining water from the hose.

HIGH VOLUME SPRAY - Delivers a high volume spray to get any job done around the house.


Imported from USA

The Secret To Enjoying Watering Your Garden Is The Expandable Flexible Hose

Every gardener knows how frustrating it is dealing with a heavy awkward garden hose. You finally untangle the hose and
get started watering and bingo the water stops; yes, the hose is kinked back near the faucet. You drag the hose back,
fix the kink, and then drag it back again to start work. There’s an easier way and it is, The Lightweight Expandable
Flexible Hose. How Will The Expandable Flexible Hose Make Watering The Garden, Lighter & Easier?

Because the hose is lightweight 1.1 lbs, compared to a standard garden hose weighing approx. 5 lbs, you will never have
to struggle with the hose again.

It will never tangle or kink, draining the hose after use is easy and it is easy to roll up and store. You’re about to
enjoy watering the garden again.

To start watering, turn on the water and watch the hose grow. When finished, turn the water off and watch it shrink back
to its original size in just a few seconds. In doing so, most of the water drains from the hose; the remaining water is
easy to drain as the hose is rolled up.

The hose is perfect for RVs, Boats, Condos, Gardens, Terraces, Patios and wherever space is at a premium. The Best
Expandable Garden Hose Package Includes

- 1 Lightweight 50ft Expandable Flexible Hose
- 1 BONUS 7 Setting Spray Nozzle

Nothing Compares to the Expandable Flexible Hose in Quality

The Expandable Flexible Hose is backed by our ”Your Happy Or Your Money Back" 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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