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Hodge BB1 Bassoon Black Silk Swab

Product Description

Silk swabs are made from 100% China silk, a very absorbent, lint free material - better than cotton or chamois. Silk is very compressible, making it possible to pull through instruments with variations in bore size.

made to suit industry standards

Designed for comfort

Imported from USA

Hodge Silk Swabs are premium swabs made from 100 percent silk for removing moisture from woodwind instruments after each
use. Hodge uses silk because it is absorbent, has no lint and is compressible. The swabs are large enough to wick the
moisture out of the larger part of the bore, but compressible enough to pull through the neck. They do not leave lint in
the keys. They are not stored inside the instrument so the moisture does not remain. Hodge swabs are regularly
recommended by repairmen for optimum care of your instrument. The bassoon swab can clean both the boot joint and the
wing joint. Only one swab is needed to go through the entire body of the instrument.