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Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Product Description

Mario Kart is back with over forty tracks and eight characters!

Play with up to three friends using single or multiple cartridge link.

Includes Grand Prix and Time Trial Modes.

This portable game blends features from the SNES and Nintendo 64 classics.

Imported from USA

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Wario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Toad, and Bowser put the pedal to the go-kart metal in 20
all-new tracks, plus many hidden courses. Each track has its unique challenges, ranging from crabs skittering across Shy
Guy Beach to the piranha plants lurking in the quicksand of Yoshi Desert. Grab coins to max out your speed and blast
your rivals with the ever-popular arsenal of red, green, and spiked Koopa shells. You'll earn points with every
high-place finish, and you'll win trophies with the completion of every four-race cup. Doing well will earn you a high
rating and unlock more tracks. You can compete against as many as four friends (Game Boy Advance Game Link cables
required). The game features multiple scrolling planes that move in perspective as you zip through high-speed turns.