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Del Rossa Womens Patricia Cotton Nightgown, Long Victorian Sleeveless Sleepwear, Medium White (A0526WHTMD)

Product Description

Soft and breathable 100% cotton nightgown from Alexander Del Rossa

Sleeveless top with lace accents for a timeless look

Ankle length gown with generous cut for comfort while sleeping

Durable 100% cotton nightgown that is easy on the skin and long lasting

See the product description (further down the page) for size guidelines and simple washing instructions

Imported from USA

This soft cotton poplin nightgown for women from Alexander Del Rossa is comfortable, durable, and classy. Made from a
premium 100% cotton fabric, this women's nightgown is breathable and easy on the skin. Designed with you in mind, this
victorian nightgown is perfect for lounging around the house - even when guests are present. Rich in features, we trust
that this poplin nightgown for women will not disapoint.
Unsure of what to give your mom for mother's day? She works hard and is always there - why not give her the gift of
relaxation? Sleepwear is the perfect way to say "Take some time to yourself and relax in luxury" Del Rossa robes,
pajamas, and nightgowns are loved by moms of all ages, shapes, and sizes. You can't go wrong with a gift like this.

Nightgown Features
Premium 100% cotton fabric
Timeless victorian style
Full length design
Sleeveless top
Square neck with two buttons Pin tucked, five button top
Durable stitching that will last
Machine washable; see instructions below

Washing Instructions
Wash in cool water with like colors. Dry on low heat only.

Sizing Recommendations
Small : Chests 32-34", Hips 33-37"
Medium : Chests 34-36", Hips 35-39"
Large : Chests 36-38", Hips 36-41"
XL: Chests 40-42", Waists 38-42", Hips 42-46"
2XL: Will fit Chests 46-50", Waists 40-44", Hips 48-52"