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SkyBound Standard Series Trampoline Springs

Product Description

Thickest Steel of Any Springs Available! Don't Be Fooled by Others' Thin Steel!

More Coils for the Same Spring Length - Don't Be Fooled By Others' Long Hooks & Few Coils!

Widest Diameter Avaialble!

Universally Compatible with All Trampolines!

Full 30 Day Warranty on All Products!

Imported from USA

Don't go out and buy a whole new trampoline when all you need is some springs!

What makes our springs different?

1. We have the thickest steel gage available, thicker than anyone else. Our springs are at least 3.2mm gage steel, the
thickest you will be able to find. Many others make their steel as thin as possible to save money. We're not cheap on
you. Our springs are thicker steel, so they will be stronger, give you a better bounce and last longer.

2. Our springs have more coils. Lots of other companies make their springs with fewer coils and longer hooks, giving the
illusion that their springs are of a certain length, but in reality you are getting cheeated. Because we hacve more
coils and shorter hooks for the same spring length, you will get a better bounce and a better trampoline experience, not
to mention with the shorter hooks the springs are much less likely to break. When the competitors make longer hooks that
puts more tension on that hook, and makes it more likely for it to break off. Don't take that risk!

3. Our springs have a wider diameter width, meaning our springs are fatter, again giving you a better bounce and a
stronger spring.

It is important to make sure you get the correct springs for your trampoline so you need to make sure you have the right
size spring. To get your spring measurement, if you aren't sure, you will need to do the following:

1. Take off at least 2 or 3 different springs from your trampoline, and make sure they are unstretched and undamaged.

2. Measure the length of the spring, including the hooks, from end to end. You want to make sure you measure the coils
and the hooks too, from the very end of the arches of the hooks to the opposite end. The most popular trampolines use
5.5" and 7", however there are a wide variety of variations in between, so it is very important you get an accurate
measurement to make sure you get the right springs.