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Hydor Koralia Wavemaker Basic Controller, Dual Pump, 12V, DC

Product Description

Great flexibility. Connect 1 or 2 Koralia 12V pumps same or different models.

LEDs on front panel indicate pump setting and functioning.

Set wave effects by setting wave timer between 2 and 15 seconds or tide effects by switching the flow on and off every 1 to 6 hours.

Alternate flow with pumps one at each side of the aquarium operating on minimum and maximum controls.

Feeding mode. Easy to use fuction allows feeding of fish and invertebrates in reef aquariums.

Imported from USA

The Koralia Wavemaker 2-Way Controller System is a low voltage controller excusively designed for Koralia 12V pumps. (1
or 2, same or different models) This system is ideal for creating beneficial wave and tide effects in marine aquariums
with the possibility of setting minimum and maximum flow and timer.