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Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask with Earplugs and Carry Pouch, Black

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Product Description

THE SECRET OF A GREAT NIGHTS' SLEEP. Get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer by blocking light with this incredibly soft and comfortable Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask.

THE BEST SLEEP MASK FOR, Men, Women and Children, Travel, Blocking Unwanted Light at Bedtime, Shift Workers, Better Sleep in Hospitals, Naps and Meditation, Helps with Insomnia. You can easily carry it in a purse, handbag, beach bag or briefcase. As a bonus, each mask comes neatly packaged, in a carton, inside is a complimentary pair of high quality earplugs and a convenient travel carry pouch.

INCREDIBLY SOFT AND COMFORTABLE, it’s contoured, so it rests gently on your face. Light as a feather, this sleep mask offers extreme comfort, it delivers remarkable levels of blocking the light without putting pressure on the eyes. The fine contoured mask easily adapts to the silhouette of all types of faces. The design also works great for side sleepers.

YOUR EYES NOR LASHES WON’T TOUCH THE FABRIC. The large concave eye pockets ensure that the mask remains at a distance from your eyes which assures you of easy blinking and air circulation. Convenient and useful, simply designed for everyday usage, using a revolutionary interlocking fabric, this sleek mask is easy to pack and carry, which makes it a great travel accessory. Practical and easy to use, this mask is easy to fold and slip into a drawstring carry pouch

FULLY ADJUSTABLE STRAP. The strap of this lightweight sleep mask, is easy and fast to adjust and has a quick release closure.

Imported from USA

Dream Essentials Sleep Masks – The Secret to a Great Night’s Sleep
Light stimulates the brain and reduces your ability to fall asleep. The light source can be from most anything, ranging
from natural light, to artificial light, TV’s, computer Screens, Fish Tanks, Phones, LED’s, Street Lamps, Car Lights
etc. You need darkness to help you produce Melatonin, a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps us all to
fall asleep.
Put on a Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask, when you need to get to sleep. The Sleep mask will block the unwanted light
in an incredibly comfortable way. So you can fall asleep faster, more deeply and for longer.
- Block Light, so you can fall asleep faster and more easily
- Comfortable and Lightweight, you will hardly notice you are wearing it.
- Adjustable Straps, so it will fit and stay on at night
- Washable
- Contoured, Your Eyes and lashes don’t touch the fabric
- A Must Have for Travel
- Perfect for Shift-workers and Day Time Nappers
- Fall asleep while your partner watches TV next to you
- Comes with High Quality Ear Plugs and Carry Pouch
Have a Great Night’s Sleep and be ready to take on each brand new day.