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Product: 863909

Masculinities: Football, Polo and the Tango in Argentina (Global Issues (Berg))

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The complex relationship between nationalism and masculinity has been explored both historically and sociologically with
one consistent conclusion: male concepts of courage and virility are at the core of nationalism. In this ground-breaking
book, the author questions this assumption and advances the debate through an empirical analysis of masculinity in the
revealing contexts of same-sex (football and polo) and cross-sex (tango) relations. Because of its rich history,
Argentina provides the ideal setting in which to study the intersection of masculine and national constructs:
hybridization, creolization and a culture of performance have all informed both gender and national identities. Further,
the author argues that, counter to claims made by globalization theorists, the importance of performance to Argentinian
men and women has a long history and has powerfully shaped the national psyche.

But this book takes the analysis far beyond national boundaries to address general arguments in anthropology which are
not culture-specific, and the discussion poses important comparative questions and addresses central theoretical issues,
from the interplay of morality and ritual, to a comparison between the popular and the aristocratic, to the importance
of 'othering' in national constructions - particularly those relating to sport.

This book represents a major contribution, not only to anthropology, but to the study of gender, nationalism and culture
in its broadest sense.