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Masculinities: Football, Polo and the Tango in Argentina (Global Issues Series) 1st Edition

Product Description

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“A fascinating book.” ―Critique of Anthropology

“A most interesting book.” ―Culture, Sport & Society

“Archetti's volume provides a fascinating introduction to the worlds of male-dominated sports in Argentina, and how
notions of maleness are related to the formation of a national identity.” ―Journal of the Royal Anthropological

“This is a most ambitious text relating to multiple models of masculinity in the three domains of football, polo, and
the tango to changing Argentinian nationalism: a fascinating and successful exercise. There are other domains of
masculinity, of course, as Archetti acknowledges ... I hope we will hear more from his informants with their anecdotes
and reminiscences.” ―American Anthropologist

“Eduardo Archetti's works have pioneered the cultural studies of Argentinian sport. They have helped to constitute a
field of study which nowadays is expanding constantly largely because of his encouragement ... 'Masculinities'
represents the climax of his research work ... The text that results is particularly novel. ... 'Masculinities' stands
outfor its richness and originality, but fundamentally for its potential capacity, explaining the intricate patterns of
the popular identities which are and were synchronically and diachronically reproduced in different scenarios.” ―Soccer
and Society

“Archetti covers a lot of ground in this rich and varied book. The work is theoretically sophisticated and based on
wide-ranging scholarship.” ―Journal of Latin American Studies

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About the Author

Eduardo P. Archetti Professor of Social Anthropology,University of Oslo

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