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Whip Self Defense Keychain System Instructional DVD

Product Description

Imported from USA

WHIP SELF DEFENSE KEYCHAIN SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONAL DVD: Presented by Professional WHIP Self Defense and Martial Experts
this easy to follow DVD will instantly teach you the life saving techniques of the WHIP SELF DEFENSE KEYCHAIN SYSTEMTM.
Unlike many programs that require weeks of classes, just a few viewings of the DVD will give you the skills and
knowledge to defend yourself against any type of assault. No experience is necessary since the WHIP KEYCHAIN self
defense techniques are based on natural body movements and reflexes. These superior defensive techniques and design of
the WHIP SELF DEFENSE KEYCHAIN give you the advantage of being able to reach out and strike your attacker from a safe
distance. The WHIP SELF DEFENSE KEYCHAIN S foot long leash creates such velocity when swung with your keys that you
create tremendous knock out striking power regardless of your body strength. Whether young or old the WHIP will empower
you and give you the strength, speed, power, courage and distance to stop an attacker and escape unharmed. Unlike lethal
guns, knives and awkward mace and pepper spray devices which are almost impossible to react quickly with when surprised
by an attacker your WHIP non-lethal Keychain is always with you in hand, ready to defend and protect you and your loved
ones. It turns your everyday keys into an unstoppable force that can continuously strike and block your attacker from
any direction. In conjunction with the WHIP SELF DEFENSE KEYCHAIN you will also learn life saving awareness skills and
proper verbal responses if confronted by a threatening situation. Often the correct posture, attitude, awareness,
display of strength and choice of words can deter an assailant from targeting you as his victim. This valuable
information alone is worth the price of the entire package. The DVD also teaches you how to use your body as a defensive
force in combination with techniques of the WHIP SELF DEFENSE KEYCHAIN. You will learn simple yet highly effective
blocks, punches and kicks that give you the ability to fight back even without your WHIP Keychain in hand. As you can
see this is a complete self defense system that is extremely valuable and quick to learn. All types of attacks and the
proper response to them are covered including attacks from the front, side, back and self defense techniques from a
seated position when riding in a car, bus or subway. The DVD also includes numerous escape techniques to use against
someone attempting to grab, choke or pull your hair. (DVD length 120 min) Don t Wait! Order Your Whip Protector Self
Defense Keychain AND iNSTRUCTIONAL DVD TODAY! Ten Dynamic Whip Self Defense Keychains to Choose from including the Whip
Alien, Matador, Godzilla, Scorpion, Mini Mak, Jackal, Pirahna, Torpedo, Twin Rhino and Nasty Ninja! Order your Whip Self
Defense Keychain on Amazon Today and be Safe!!