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Product Description

COVERS METAL NAIL: Long-lasting instant repair for damaged heel tips with exposed metal.

LASTING HEEL REPAIR: Heavy-duty heel cap covers exposed metal & stops the clicking. Caps attach to your heel with our self-fusing wrap for an extra secure fit.

INCLUDES 1 PAIR (2 Heel Caps + 4 Self-Fusing Wraps): Wrap is residue-free for a clean, safe repair.

AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES: See photos for Sizing Guide & cap measurements.

For extra-discreet repair, try our QUICK TIPS Slip-On Caps.

Imported from USA

QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap & Wrap (by GoGo Heel) repair damaged heel tips - caps cover the exposed metal nail & stop the
clicking. These heavy-duty heel caps are strong enough to withstand pressure from the metal nail and can swiftly be
applied over your heel tip without tools. Designed for long-lasting wear, this 1-minute heel repair kit is a perfect
solution if you don't live near a shoe repair shop. It's fast, convenient, and safe on your shoes. Heel caps come in 3
sizes (sizing chart in photos) and work on a variety of heel shapes: U-shaped, Round, Triangular, Square. Available in
Black and Taupe colors. This pack contains 1 pair (2 heel caps + 4 bands).

How does it work?

The QUICK TIPS Cap fits over your worn heel tip and attaches with a no-residue, self-fusing band. Unlike replacing heel
tips at home, it requires no tools.

How long does it last?
Caps are made of heavy-duty rubber. When applied as directed, they're designed to last as long as a regular heel tip.

Why is the self-fusing band necessary?

There's a ton of force concentrated on your heel tips when you walk, so the cap can easily pop off if it's not on
tightly. By using the self-fusing band, you can create a tight custom seal to ensure the cap is securely fastened over
the heel tip. It also helps the heel cap work on a wider variety of heel sizes. The band is residue-free, so it's safe
on your shoes.

What's the difference between QUICK TIPS® and other heel caps?
Our caps were specifically designed to work over the exposed metal nail and for long-lasting wear. It's made of a high
durometer rubber material, so the nail cannot easily break through the cap.