GRANA AMERICANO- Nescafe 50 Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules (Specialty, 100% Arabica Coffee)

Product Description

50 Americano capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto machines

100% Arabica and single-origin coffee from some of the best regions in Guatemala

Our coffee is cultivated, harvested, roasted and packaged in Guatemala to preserve the freshness of the coffee

Americano Size: Level 8 oz

Roast: Dark Medium

Imported from USA

Choosing Grana Every Morning means…

* You support the Guatemalan coffee community by drinking the arabica coffee of the year, strictly high-altitude and
hard bean coffee, cultivated at more than 1,300 meters above sea level.
* You are drinking the handpicked superior coffee beans from each harvest of the eight top regions of Guatemala.
* You have experienced our coffee’s exceptional aroma, flavor, body, and acidity and have found your perfect match.
That’s why Guatemala’s National Coffee Association, Anacafe gave Grana an 8.25 average rating out of 9
* You have jumped on board to the Grana coffee experience, enjoying your best quality of life, while enjoying the best
quality coffee in your own home!

Our History:

The only impossible thing is what has not been tried. It all started with the passion for coffee… Grana was founded
with the belief that we could offer the best coffee experience, with the convenience of a capsule. What’s the secret? We
only use coffee of unique origin and high quality. Our Guatemalan location allows us to roast and pack our product near
some of the best quality coffee plantations which is why we are able to select the best and freshest coffee beans for
our customers. Our culture was created by an ecosystem of people who love coffee, including tasters, baristas and
producers who make this project possible!

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