• ★ Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Green Tea with Peppermint, Maca, Moringa and 1 BILLION CFU of Probiotics! Packed with antioxidants!.
  • ★ For Tea & Latte | half tsp daily | 45 Servings | Matcha is Energising, Alkalising and full of Antioxidants and Dietary Fibre to support the Gut, Digestion, Intestines and Immunity. You may use the Matcha powder in tea, Matcha Latte, iced tea, cakes a & smoothies.. ♥ Find delicious recipes on our site ♥.
  • ★ HIGH STRENGTH Probiotic Strain used (BACILLUS COAGULANS) It´s STOMACH ACID RESISTANT and remains dormant throughout tea brewing, baking, cooking and freezing applications of the powder. ♥ Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians ♥.
  • ★ 50 BILLION CFU IN BAG - MIN1 BILLION CFU p/serving. NO Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives used unlike other Probiotic liquid supplements! May reduce the intake of Probiotic pills. May be effective for Gut Healing after Antibiotics intake..
  • ★ SCIENCE BACKED PRODUCT ★ 10x more effective than Yogurt Cultures and is Stomach Acid resistant unlike many other cultures l Over 27 peer reviewed research studies supporting its Safety and Efficacy to improve gut pain | Probiotics mixed with Japanese Matcha is an alternative to getting 1 BILLION CFU's which is shown to be sufficient | No risks when drinking more than 1 cup p/day..
  • Imported from UK.
Flavour:Matcha Probiotics Matcha blend contains: Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Peppermint, Maca, Moringa, min 1 BILLION CFU per 4g cup. The blend is full of antioxidants and fibre to aid digestion and gut health. Total bag contains 50 BILLION CFU and we advise 4g (half a teaspoon per cup) daily minimum consumption for 8 weeks. Increase up to 2 teaspoons daily (1 teaspoon per cup) if you wish to consume more probiotics. You can increase your daily consumption if you wish to have more probiotic per day. The probiotic spore we use is BACILLUS COAGULANS. All our flavours are GLUTEN/DAIRY/SOY FREE, (STOMACH) ACID RESISTANT and UK MADE in certified Soil Association and Salsa accredited facilities. What makes our probiotic products different is that we use only one effective probiotic spore that survives tea brewing, refrigeration, freezing and cooking applications. It shows how resistant the spore is yet effective and save. When it comes to probiotics, what matters the most is not the number of strains but the quality and safety of the strain. It’s also vital to know how strains interact when blended—some can cancel one another out. It's the right choice for those who seek to replace capsules and thick liquids (that contain preservatives) by getting daily probiotics in a cup of tea! Without consuming any nasties and preservatives you can drink it or cook it, however you wish to use it! It's delicious as tea :) Allergy Advice May contain traces of soy, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds and sulphites used in same plant. High in Fibre. Live well, Team Wellness Lab Ltd

Matcha PROBIOTIC Green Tea | HIGH Strength 50 Billion CFU Antioxidant Gut Aid

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