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Product: 886485

Camelbak Eddy Bottle

Product Description

New, sleek shape fits in the hand and most cup holders

Redesigned cap and bite valve provide faster flow and enhanced durability

Flip, Bite and Sip. No tipping required (though possible: just remove the straw

Dishwasher Safe: All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe

CamelBak got your BakTM Lifetime guarantee

Imported from USA

CamelBak eddy

CamelBak eddy .75L

The eddy now has a redesigned cap for greater durability and faster flow. The eddy .75L bottle is 100 percent BPA-free
and built with CamelBak's patented flip-top bite valve that lets you sip without tipping or spilling — perfect for
hydration on the go. The integrated loop handle can be hooked to a carabiner or carried in the crook of one finger.
Dishwasher safe.

At a Glance

* Redesigned cap and bite valve
* New, sleek shape
* Dishwasher safe
* Durable and spill-proof
* Integrated loop handle for ease of carrying
* 100 percent BPA-free
* Wide-mouth opening is easy to fill with ice

Cleaning the eddy

CamelBak eddyThe redesigned cap allows for greater durability and faster flow The bottle, bite valve, straw, and
lid can be cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher or by hand with warm, soapy water. Pull off the bite valve and
straw from the cap. If you like to use a bottle brush, we don’t recommend forcing a brush through the Bite Valve slit.
If you have the brush kit, run the small brush through the straw.

For a deeper cleaning, add a drop of mild soap or tablespoon of bleach to a clean glass jar filled with water. Drop the
bite valve, straw and cap into the solution, and tightly close the jar’s lid. Shake the mixture around for 30 seconds,
and then let the parts soak for about 15 minutes. Rinse and shake dry.

To re-assemble the lid, flip the stem collar (the component the bite valve attached to originally) to the open
position. Orient the bite valve so the finger tab points towards the front of the cap. Push the bite valve firmly onto
the stem collar. Press the straw back into place on the bottom of the lid. Ensure the straw covers the notches

Frequently Asked Questions

First-time use: What’s the clear thing on top of the cap for? Do I remove it or cut it to drink?
The clear thing is the CamelBak Big Bite Valve. This feature provides easy drinking and spill-proof safety. Do not
remove or cut this piece to drink. Simply bite it slightly and sip as you would out of a straw.

Can/how do I freeze the CamelBak eddy with bite valve?
You can freeze the bottle but make sure:

* The bottle is not completely full when you do this (we recommend only 3/4 full to allow for expansion of the water as
it freezes to ice).
* The bottle is right-side-up

We also recommend that the bite valve stem not be flipped up or down if there is any frozen water in the tube. Wait
until thawed.

Can I use the CamelBak eddy in high-altitude/low-pressure environments (i.e. airplanes, mountain altitudes, etc)?
Yes, but with special care because pressure can force liquid out through the straw. Keep the bottle right-side-up with
the bite valve in the closed position. Remove the straw for additional protection. Expect a bit of "spurt" during the
first sip. You may also twist the cap open to release any pressure and then close before your first sip.

Can I put hot liquids in it?
We do not recommend using with hot drinks because the experience will be similar to drinking hot liquid through a straw.

What happens if I put sports drinks/juice in the CamelBak eddy?
Use of any of these drinks in the bottle is fine, but thorough cleaning after each use is recommended.

Can I use with carbonated beverages?
You can use any beverage in the CamelBak eddy; however, we do not recommend the use of carbonated beverages with the
straw configuration because pressure can force liquid out through the straw. To use with carbonated beverages, we
recommend that you remove the straw and drink via "tip and sip."

What max temperature (freezing/boiling water) can the CamelBak eddy withstand?
The CamelBak eddy can withstand being filled with warm water up to 65 ºC/149 ºF or stored in below-freezing

Is the CamelBak eddy microwave safe?
Feel free to use the CamelBak eddy to warm up liquids (ie. up to a minute), but we don’t recommend cooking your dinner
in it. Do not microwave with the cap in place as it contains metal screws that are not microwave safe.

Does the CamelBak eddy work with back-country purifier filters/microfilters?
The CamelBak eddy is compatible with filters that adapt to a 63 mm screw top opening (in other words, it’s compatible
with most filters on the market).

Does it hold residual taste?
No, there is no residual taste in the bottle materials, and it’s also stain-resistant. Some sports drinks and other
flavored beverages can leave behind residue of flavor oils that could require extra cleaning.

What happens if I take the straw off?
Removal of the straw allows a "tip and sip" mode of drinking.