• REALISTIC DESIGN: You don’t have to worry anymore about rodents or birds ruining your garden. Our owl scarecrow has a realistic design, with fine details and vivid colors, that will scare away the intruders..
  • BIRDS AND RODENTS REPELLENT: This amazing solar owl decoy protects your garden, making sure no bird, rodent, or other intruders will ruin your crops. It does an amazing job at controlling pests, so you don’t need to use any harmful substances for your plants..
  • ROTATING HEAD: The Dalen scare owl has a rotating head whose movements are powered by the sun. Depending upon the quantity of energy absorbed, the owl’s head will move every few minutes..
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: At Dalen, we are always focused on developing top-quality products. That is why we used no less than 80% post-industrial recycled content. Thus, we provide you with an eco-friendly and durable owl scarecrow, that will protect your garden and enrich its design at the same time..
  • DOUBLE POWER SOURCE: The owl decoy collects energy from the sun through a solar panel placed on top of the owl’s head. This amazing scarecrow has an additional power source that can also be powered by the wind..
  • Imported from USA.
Gardener By Dalen Solar Action Owl Natural Scarecrow Device 18in Protects lawns, gardens and marine docks from pests with timed, yet natural, solar-powered movement. Power is generated by solar cell with secondary power derived from the wind. No batteries needed ever. For Best Results : After removing collar around neck, position owl in a prominent area so animals can see it . For continued effectiveness, move Owl around garden every few days . Owl must be positioned vertically, in a sunlit area, for head to move properly . In low-light areas, place Owl in wind-accessible area to activate rotating head action. For fruits and vegetables, place Owl before plants ripen. se only when pests are being destructive, remove at other times.

Dalen Gardeneer 100055888 Gardeneer by Dalen Solar Action Owl Natural Scarecrow Device, 18in, 18 in, Yellow

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