• PACK OF 3 REUSABLE MENSTRUAL CUPS – already proven to be a huge success in the European market, our eco-friendly alternative to using tampons and disposable sanitary towels, the Melyth period cups, are now available here in the USA. Easy to use, comfortable and reliable, they will keep you feeling fresh and confident whether you’re at work, in the gym or while sleeping.
  • COMPLETE SET INCLUDING SANITARY CUPS IN TWO SIZES – our set of reusable menstrual cups contains everything you need to switch from disposable sanitary products to an eco-friendly alternative. You will receive 1 small menstrual cup, 2 large cups, 3 latex finger protection sleeves, a floral bag for carrying the cups and a foldable sterilizing cup, all presented in an elegant black pouch with instruction manual.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR AND EASY TO USE – in a similar way to using a tampon, these soft, silicone sanitary cups are easy to use after practising a couple of times. Wear everyday during your period whether you’re resting, at work, at the gym or even swimming. Rest assured that the Melyth period cups will stay in place when inserted correctly and will keep you fresh and protected for hours.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY REUSABLE SANITARY CUPS – by choosing reusable menstrual cups, you will be saving money as well as making a great choice for the environment. If good care is taken of your sanitary cups, then you can expect to reuse them for many years.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – we are fully confident that you will be satisfied using our set of sanitary cups. However, if you are not happy with this product for any reason at all, please contact us directly so we can arrange a full replacement or refund.
  • Imported from USA.
Set of 3 comfortable menstrual cups A complete package of sanitaryware that contains everything you need to switch from disposable tampons and sanitary towels to a safe, reusable option. Odour free and leakproof, they are reliable period cups that are durable and easy to use. Reusable menstrual cup set in 2 sizes This set includes 1 smaller period cup which is ideal to use at the beginning and end of your cycle and the larger sanitary cups are excellent for using mid-cycle, providing maximum protection when you have a heavier flow. Safe and easy to use reusable period cups Made from super-soft medical grade silicone, our reusable period cups are phthalate free, latex free and BPA free making them body safe to use. Easy to insert and remove by holding the easy grip rim, simply remove every few hours, rinse clean and reinsert. BUY NOW and save money and the environment by switching to reusable menstrual cups!

Melyth Reusable Menstrual Cups 3X - (2X Large & 1x Small) - with Latex Finger Protection Sleeves, Sterilizing Cup and Carry Bag – Sanitary Cup Alternative to Tampons and Sanitary Towels