• PROVEN RESULTS SUPPORTED BY SCIENCE – REDUCES WRINKLES, PLUMPS SKIN, STRENGTHENS HAIR & NAILS, FOR JOINT PAIN & INFLAMMATION, SPEEDS UP RECOVERY FROM EXERCISE, BOOSTS METABOLISM & KETO, BURNS FAT, BUILDS MUSCLE, REPAIRS CARTILAGE, HELPS HEAL THE GUT. Increases skin elasticity & hydration, bone density, muscle mass, heart health, brain protection, blood sugar regulation; supports cholesterol, cellulite, aches & pains and degeneration..
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED - 100% PURE BIOACTIVE PROTEIN PEPTIDES COMPRISING 18 AMINO ACIDS. FREE FROM ANTIBIOTICS, HORMONES, ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES, STEROIDS, HEAVY METALS, SOY, GLUTEN, DAIRY, SUGAR & ALLERGENS. WADA, HALAL & Ko KOSHER CERTIFIED. Manufactured in ISO 9001 HACCP site from non-GMO, Tilapia and Pangasius fish skins. Type I (1) and III (3) collagen hydrolysate for maximum solubility, absorption and efficacy as well as minimal taste and smell..
  • FAIR PRICING & SMART PACKAGING – A HUGE 13,000mg daily dose versus just 700mg in capsules, only costing 9p per gram of collagen versus 90p per gram in capsules. This works out at just £1.16p per day versus £12 per day for the same dose in capsules. Recyclable tub, filled right to the TOP with 400g of the purest collagen & no additives, perfect for 1 month’s supply & economical repeat ordering..
  • PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS – EDIBLE HEALTH IS A UK OWNED & RUN BUSINESS WITH STRONG ETHICS & VALUES BASED UPON PROFESSIONAL, “OLD SCHOOL” CUSTOMER SERVICE. Established in 2016 by Corinna and Simon - real people wanting to help others overcome real health issues with real products that give real results. Honest top-sellers not “in it for a quick buck"..
  • CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE – TAKE 13g (APPROXIMATELY 2 LEVEL TABLESPOONS) PER DAY, adding to any hot or cold food & drinks. Simply experiment with the dose and different foods and drinks to suit your personal taste, mixing thoroughly before consuming. Add to tea, coffee, juice, smoothies; stir into yoghurt, porridge, soup etc; add to baking recipes or even into cocktails. Collagin & Tonic anyone? And don’t forget to ensure you have adequate Vitamin C in your diet to support collagen production..
  • Imported from UK.
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Premium Marine Collagen Powder. 13,000mg, £1.10p per day, 13x Stronger Than Capsules + Liquids. Fast Acting Hydrolysed…