• ▶ SEASONING MADE EASY: Baliiva makes seasoning cast iron cookware a breeze, just slick the bar on your pan, a light rub using a kitchen towel and your good to go. Our blend of beeswax, soybean oil and coconut oil, makes the seasoning adhere to the pan like glue. Thus the seasoning on the pan will last for longer. The seasoning also protects your cookware from rust..
  • ▶ ALL IRON COOKWARE: Works on traditional "lokhand", cast iron and carbon steel cookware. Use it on your skillet, kadhai, wok, dosa tawa, appachatti, appam patra, grill pan or dutch oven..
  • ▶ NON-TOXIC: There are no chemicals or preservatives used in the manufacturing process, thus making Baliiva completely non-toxic.So go ahead and an extra coat of natural seasoning to your preseasoned cast iron utensils.
  • ▶ ADD IRON TO FOOD: Cast iron cookware infuses iron to your food, thus increasing your haemoglobin and treating Anemia. Now, you can make crispy dosas on your cast iron dosa tawa but now also add iron to your diet..
  • ▶ WOOD CONDITIONER: Baliiva works great on chopping/cutting boards as an excellent wood conditioner. Beeswax is naturally antibacterial and reconditions your wooden cooking spoons as well..
  • Imported from INDIA.
What is Baliiva ? We all want to cook in non-toxic cookware but want the luxury of non-stick. Fulfill your non-stick desires without the need to sacrifice your higher taste of cooking in steel and iron cookware. Just coat your cookware with a thin layer and heat until it smokes. For extra maintenance slick a thin layer after washing before storage. Cooking without Baliiva is just like cooking without your strength. Simple living=High thinking. Our product is made using vegetable oils (Soybean Oil and Coconut Oil) and Beeswax which makes it non-toxic. We source our beeswax from bee farms that follow cruelty free process for extraction of their honey and beeswax Works great on cast iron, carbon steel, terracotta, clayware and wood. Each Bar of Baliiva (85 grams) should last for 45 – 50 seasonings. Each tin contains two bars, thus one tin should last for 3 months. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: INITIAL SEASONING: Apply Baliiva on your preheated pan, using a kitchen towel wipe excess and apply a thin layer of seasoning on the entire pan. Heat the pan on a stove top for 10 minutes and let it smoke. Let the pan cooldown to touch. Your pan is ready to use. Repeat the above steps atleast 2 -3 times for the initial seasoning. MAINTENANCE: After cooking, wash and towel dry your pan. Apply a thin coat of Baliiva in the same way as the initial seasoning. Once the pan has been coated with the seasoning, it can stored for next use. The maintenance step protects your pan from rusting and protects the precious seasoning built over time. WOOD CONDITIONER: Clean your wood utensils/chopping board using soap, towel dry after wash. Using a kitchen towel, apply Baliiva on the entire wooden surface. Let the coating dry overnight. Enjoy the lustrous feel of your utensils once again. Prolong the life of your wooden utensils and chopping boards. Repeat this once a week.

Philosophia Baliiva Non-Stick Seasoning for Cast Iron Cookware, 85 grams bar, Blend of Beeswax and Vegetable Oil, Wood Conditioner

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