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  • Evenly and safely applies wax, polish, or tire dressing.
  • Ultra-soft foam has tight cells.
  • Pad is washable and reusable.
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  • Imported from USA.
Meguiar's Hi-Tech Applicator Pad has tight cells and ultra-soft foam that provide even and safe application of wax, polish, interior dressing, or tire dressing. This pad is washable and reusable. .com ---- Meguiar’s Soft Foam applicator pads are made of ultra-soft, tight-cell foam for the smooth application of waxes, polishes, tire dressing and protectants. Each pad is washable and reusable and is a valuable tool in maintaining a car's many interior surfaces, including leather, vinyl, and rubber. imageIdeal for applying Meguiar's car care products Meguiar’s Soft Foam applicator pads spread product evenly, are ideal for use on paint, wheels and tires, are machine washable and very durable, and come in a pack of 2. A Few Uses For Foam Applicator Pads ----------------------------------- Applying Ultimate Compound -------------------------- Safely restore the color and clarity to abused and neglected finishes with Meguiar's Ultimate Compound. Meguiar's revolutionary formula and exclusive micro-abrasive technology cuts as fast as harsh, gritty abrasive compounds, but without scratching the vehicle’s paint or clear coat finish. Applying Ultimate Black ----------------------- Eventually, a vehicle’s exterior trim will suffer from sun exposure and its effects. Black and dark gray surfaces will begin to lose their color and develop a dull look. However, with Meguiar’s Ultimate Black, restore the look of a vehicle’s trim, without worrying about leaving a greasy residue. About Meguiar's --------------- What began a century ago as a simple furniture polish laboratory and plant in the garage of founder Frank Meguiar, Jr., now spans the globe as an international car care brand. Celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2011, Meguiar's Inc. has become one of the world's leading surface care product companies, providing highly specialized products for almost every conceivable type of surface. The difference for the Meguiar's brand has been the inborn passion for what they do; it fuels the driving force that moves us forward and exhilarates us every day. Meguiar's views the company as much more than a business or an opportunity to make money; Meguiar's products are a way to provide car crazy enthusiasts an opportunity to express their utmost pride with their vehicle and overall passion for the car hobby.

Meguiar's X3070 Soft Foam 4" Applicator Pads - (Pack of 2)