• Professional grade exercise and resistance bands for stretching, toning, and conditioning all major muscle groups, increases both strength & flexibility subtly and naturally without weights.
  • Simple & easy to use product for upper & lower body exercises that can be performed anywhere, is ideal for conditioning & rehabbing muscles as well as specific training for yoga, crossfit, lower body pilates, and running.
  • These high quality resistance bands are the best resistance bands and best portable workout equipment for at-home workouts, hotel workouts, and strength training without weights.
  • Rehabilitate muscles, increase strength, and improve range of motion with simple and effective workouts for rotator cuff injuries, shoulder surgery recovery, ACL and MCL rehabilitation, knee replacement surgeries, and other physical therapy programs.
  • Each band measures 5 feet long x 4 inches wide and comes in three color-coded resistance levels: Blue-5.8 - 8.5lbs.; Black-7.3-10.2lbs., Silver-10.2-15.3lbs..
  • Imported from USA.
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