• ✅ PROVEN RESULTS - Confirmed by our customers - Reduce Wrinkles, Plumper Skin, Thicker, Stronger & Longer Hair & Nails, Flexible Joints, Reduced Inflammation, Improved Overall Health and Well Being.
  • ✅ HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED – Made in Sweden – Free from any artificial additives, preservatives & allergens..
  • ✅ CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE - Take 10g per day - 2 scoops (scoop included)..
  • ✅ HALAL & KOSHER CERTIFIED - Production of this product follows strict Halal and Kosher rules..
  • ✅ 90 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If your not happy with the results we will happily refund your money, no questions asked - ORDER NOW!!!!.
  • Imported from UK.
What exactly is collagen & why do I need it? Collagen is a form of protein which is made up of numerous amino acids they are crucial in building strong, flexible fibres in the bodies for all of our structures. This protein type is the most abundant protein within our bodies & is found in near enough everything from our hair all the way to our organs. It holds all of our cells/tissues together ensuring our skin & bones are strong & flexible. To give you a figure it makes up almost 30% of all human protein. Our Collagen production normally peaks around our 20s & gradually slows down as we age. This is how we get wrinkles due to our collagen fibres become dehydrated & dehydrated causing them to deteriorate this decrease in collagen also then leads to bone/cartilage loss meaning we become uncomfortable & our joints become inflamed. Benefits of taking Bovine Collagen: ■ Plumps/Hydrates The Skin ■ Improves Digestion & Heals the gut ■ Improves Muscular Strength ■ Improves Sleep Quality ■ Strengthens Nails ■ Boosts Hair growth One of the main aspects of choosing Bovine Collagen supplements is whether they are hydrolysed or not. this relates to the bodies ability to digest/absorb the collagen If the collagen isn't hydrolysed then the body has a hard time absorbing all the nutrients & we don't want this. So we made sure to only provide high grade hydrolysed collagen so your body has an easier time digesting & absorbing the nutrients allowing you to incorporate this into your daily lives. There are numerous ways to use this powder because it is unflavoured it doesn't change the taste of whatever you put it in whether you make a smoothie with or you simply add it to a glass of water, you won't notice a taste difference at all. Order yours today!!

Hydrolysed Collagen Protein Powder | Reduce Wrinkles, Thicken & Strengthen Hair, Skin, Bones, Joints, Nails | Improved Sleep, Fitness, Keto | 10,000mg per dose | Tried & Tested 100% Effective

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