• This Portable Electronic LCD Display weighing scale is necessary for all your travel needs.
  • Luggage Scale Capacity: 50kg / 110lb.
  • Very simple to operate , small and light weight suitable to carry.
  • Auto power off - Data lock function with sound indication- Over load indication.
  • Dummy battery provided. However, please replace the battery if it shows 'low'..
  • Imported from India.
This heavy duty weighing scale has a high precision strain gauge sensor system. It's an excellent product for family & travel due to its compact design & lightweight which is easy to carry anywhere. It is excellently designed hand grip to support facilitate easy weighing of luggage without hurting hands and fingers. It has a capacity to up to 50kg with 10gm readability show in selectable unit gm, kg and oz accurately. It has LCD screen display on top with blue backlight. Ever been charged for baggage overweight. Didn't you, at that time wish if there was some kind of a weighing scale which could check your luggage weight beforehand. Here's an answer. This portable electronic LCD display weighing scale is a must-have. Know exactly how much you are carrying before you board that flight.

Plastic Handheld Electronic Digital Luggage Weighing Scale (Multicolour. 50 kg)

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