• STORE FOR LONGER! - If you're planning on storing food long term, these packets keep your goods fresh!.
  • WORKS BEST WITH DRY GOODS! - Whether it's dry food, grains, or powdered goods, these absorbers keep them dry!.
  • SUPER EFFECTIVE! - These packets are more effective than freezing or vacuum sealing alone in keeping food fresh!.
  • INCREASE EFFICIENCY! - Use with gas flushing/vacuum packaging to absorb virtually all oxygen that may permeate the package!.
  • STORE LARGE QUANTITIES! - One absorber from this set is perfect for maintaining up to a 2-gallon sized container by itself!.
  • Imported from USA.
If you're storing dry food for long periods of time and want to keep it free of mold or other contamination, then you need these Oxygen Absorbing Packets from Oxy-Sorb. These absorbers are packets filled with iron powder that oxidize and absorb oxygen when exposed to it. Doing this extends the shelf life of dry foods and grains, as well as keeping those goods free of mold and other pathogens. When used with proper packaging and sealing, including vacuum sealing, the oxygen in the packaging is greatly reduced and you get maximum efficiency. Our absorbers bring the oxygen level down reliably to . 01% or less. Whether you're looking to stock up on grains or other dry foods, or to prep them for long term storage, you need these packets. Order now and get the storage and mold-prevention solution that's more effective than freezing and vacuum sealing! Includes 50 packets. Safe to contact food. One 500cc Oxygen absorber should effectively cover up to 2 gallon of space.

Oxy-Sorb 500cc Oxygen Absorber Packets, 50 Pack-Long Term Food Storage Freshness Protection, Clear

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