• Helps Break Bad Habits – Superior to thumb sucking nail polish, our natural cream helps deter thumb and finger sucking, nail biting, and chewing on painful cuticles..
  • Yucky, Bitter Taste – The natural cream tastes poorly which natural deters kids and adults from putting fingers or thumbs in their mouths throughout the day..
  • Help Prevent Sickness & Germs – Control-It helps stop thumb sucking and nail biting which can result in transmitting germs, dirt and bacteria into the mouth..
  • Natural, Kid-Safe Cream – Crafted with all-natural ingredients, our thumb sucking treatment provides safe support for babies, toddlers, teens and adults alike..
  • Complete 3-Pack Support – Every order comes complete with three total jars of Control-It nail biting treatment, giving you lasting use to break bad habits forever..
  • Imported from USA.
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Control-It Stop Thumb Sucking & Nail Biting Cream (3-Pack) All-Natural, Kid-Safe Deterrent | Gentle on Skin, Teeth, Fingers | Bitter Taste, Easy-to-Apply Formula