• Give him a squeeze and delight in the his authentic call!.
  • Fun, educational and adorable all rolled into one awesome plush animal.
  • Wild Republic and The Audobon Society did and g job on this collaboration!.
  • Battery included.
  • Child Safe.
  • Imported from USA.
Great news for all bird enthusiasts! Wild Republic has entered into a partnership with the National Audubon Society to create a line of realistic-looking plush beanbag birds. This partnership also includes the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which has provided the authentic sounds for each bird to further add to the realism of these plush toys. Ages 3+. This Red-Tailed Hawk's call was recorded May 30, 1961, in Oregon and was a call by soaring birds or in territorial disputes. Red-Tailed Hawks are common throughout much of North America, and can be identified by their reddish tails and white bellies with dark streaks. They can often be seen perched along wooded areas or roadsides and have learned to live close to humans. Weighing over two pounds and having wingspans of 4-5 feet, these hawks can catch a variety of prey including insects, fish, birds, and mammals.