Frequently Asked Questions

About Desertcart
Desertcart is definitely a legit website operating its E-commerce business in 164 countries. The company headquarters is located in Dubai, UAE. The company has its legally registered offices in the UAE, UK, USA, and India. They follow all the rules and regulations of all the countries they operate in. Desertcart is a dynamic company that stays up to date regarding new policies and changes made by the governments from time to time. All employees are trained to follow the legitimate process of doing business and they have detailed manuals to guide their staff too. You can be confident to buy anything from Desertcart; since all your transactions are very secure and the company follows all the required policies and protocols to perform a valid business wherever they operate. The company is growing rapidly and strives hard to meet the requirements of all the stakeholders around the globe. It is currently a globally renowned website that uses the latest technologies to provide a safe and reliable online shopping experience to all customers.
Desertcart is a genuine and trustworthy Ecommerce store that was founded in 2014 in the UAE. Since then; they have provided millions of customers with high-quality products; along with amazing delivery services. The company is registered and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and operates its business in 164 countries worldwide. This Ecommerce store provides global customers the opportunity to choose from over 100 million products. Millions of customers have enjoyed shopping on desertcart. The company uses the latest technologies to provide a highly secure and safe online shopping experience. The website is an HTTPS site that enables safe transactions without any hassles and the site has several positive reviews based on customer feedback on Trustpilot, Google shopping, etc.
You can easily find most of the top international brands and products on the Desertcart website. More than 100 million products from thousands of brands are available right at your fingertips. When you scroll down the home page you can find the icon “Brands”. Just click on it to view a plethora of top brands. You can also type the brand name on the search bar to find products from all your favorite brands. It is very easy to get all your products here and also get them safely delivered to your home in a perfect way.
Yes, it is very safe to buy anything from Desertcart, which is a 100% legitimate site; that is operating in 164 countries. Since 2014, this company has been delivering a wide range of products to customers and fulfilling their desires. You will find several positive reviews by Desertcart customers on portals like Trustpilot, etc. The website uses an HTTPS system to safeguard all customers and protect financial details and transactions done online. The company uses the latest upgraded technologies and software systems to ensure a fair and safe shopping experience for all customers. Your details are highly secure and guarded by the company using encryption and other latest softwares and technologies. Buy something small to check the process and then continue shopping to feel relaxed and build your confidence and trust.
Desertcart does not have a physical store. They only offer their services through the online mode. Customers can choose any product online and get it easily packed and delivered right to their doorsteps. Hence do not look for any Desertcart offline store and log on to our online portal and enjoy shopping in the comfort of your home.
The products listed on the website are sourced from international merchants and are usually not stored in any of our distribution centers.

Delivery times can vary based on the seller and various other reasons(public holidays, country of origin, etc.). They are calculated based on how fast the merchant usually delivers the item to our hub, and transit times from our international hubs to your country. We try to provide our best estimate of an item's estimated delivery date when you add an item to your cart. You can also filter our products by delivery estimate depending on how quickly you need it.

Some of our items have an "Expedited Delivery" option, which means that they will usually be delivered faster than regular items for an additional fee. You can see the delivery estimates and fees by adding an item to your cart.
DesertCart is an online shopping service that brings you the best of online retail from around the world. We provide you the ability to purchase products from stores anywhere in the world and have it delivered directly to your doorsteps.

We want to provide a hassle-free and give you the best experience possible at an affordable price.
You can see the exact location of each item in your order from your order details page. Click the "Order Details" button on your orders page for more information.
To keep our operation running as efficiently as possible, we send all your items directly to the courier. You will get an SMS as well as an email with the courier's name, phone number, and tracking number.

Here in UAE, packages are usually delivered within 24 hours after they are dispatched to the courier and 3-4 days to other countries.

Most couriers have an option for you to collect your package from their offices or arrange for self-collection if you are in an area where the courier does not have a service.
You can return most items for store credit or get them exchanged within 14 calendar days of the delivery date if they are still in their original packaging.

At Desertcart, all our products are unused and in their original packaging. However, due to manufacturer or logistics errors and defects problems may occur. We will do our very best to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Some of our products are shipped out with an international warranty, so if there is any manufacturer fault in your shipment, please contact us and we will advise you on the next step. If however, the defect is from our end, we will accept your product and exchange it for a new one.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, or it did not present itself to you as advertised, Desertcart will issue you a full refund or store credit for the product, provided that it is returned to us in new condition and its original packaging. We'll also pay the return shipping costs if the result is of our error.

Items such as undergarments and personal grooming products cannot be returned and refunded if opened and used.

Requesting a return is easy. Just note that you can return an item within 14 calendar days from the day you have received the item. You may get in touch with us through our 24 hours live chat support or you may contact us at +971 524 5555 from 9 AM - 9 PM except for Fridays. Once we receive your request, we will arrange the collection of the item(s) and our courier partners will call you to schedule the pick up at your most convenient time.

Refunds will be processed as soon as the item is received by us. Refunds normally may take 5-10 business days to show on your account depending on your bank's refund process.
Some of our items have an "expedited delivery" option, which means that they will usually be delivered faster than regular items for an additional fee. You can see the delivery estimates and fees by adding an item to your cart. The express delivery option is only available to customers in the UAE. This is also subject to import regulations and restrictions.
To avoid the delay in your shipment, Customs in your area are requiring these documents to clear your shipment.

- National ID
- Tax ID
- Passport
- Proof of Payment

In addition to our Internal Verification Procedure, we might need additional documents not listed above before we can proceed with the order.
Usually, it's done when certain filters are matched. It's maybe perhaps of where the card was issued or could be from international banks/entities or because of the value of your order.

This is also to prevent fraudulent transactions against the card you used to purchase the mentioned order.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.
Desertcart takes the utmost care to deliver your products directly to you safely and fast. The shipping methods used by the company aim to ease your life by helping you focus on your priorities and not on the logistics. The company monitors all the orders from the time it is packed and dispatched till it reaches your hands. Presently the company offers free delivery only for the Desertcart Plus members and charges a flat delivery charge for all non-Deserctart Plus members. The delivery charges will differ slightly from country to country and the entire details can be found on the homepage when you click on the “Shipping Procedures'' option.
We do support cash on delivery on certain products (only for UAE) and below are some of the terms:

- Verification will be required for first time COD requests by phone calls or emails.
- Please double check your phone number listed as you may receive a verification call. Your order may be canceled if we are unable to reach you.
- You can place a maximum of AED 1,000 unfulfilled COD orders at any given time.
- Not accepting delivery may result in loss of COD privileges on your account.
- Coupon code for discounts is not valid for COD orders.

You can also pay through cash on checkout, as we support payments through any of our partner banks.

Customers can pay with cash either by (a) depositing cash in a bank's cash deposit machine or (b) doing a bank transfer to any of our UAE bank accounts.

These options are available on the payment section of the checkout page:
- Once the deposit or transfer is made, just add the reference number and the transaction amount for faster verification.
- You can optionally upload a screenshot, or picture of your deposit slip.
- We will process the order once your transaction has been verified which may take up to 24 working hours.

Please note that COD, cash deposits & bank transfers can only be refunded as store credit when refunding.

Currently, bank transfers and cash deposit options are only available in the UAE.

The availability of COD is subject to Desertcart's discretion.
Please be advised that due to our new payment system, you may see an authorization charge of the total amount during checkout.
We previously used to validate the card on checkout a $0 or $1 charge, however this is no longer feasible with the new validation system. This means that you may see 2 messages from the bank, and may confuse you that we've charged double the amount.

What does an authorization charge or a card hold mean?
A credit card authorization is an approval from the card issuer, usually through a credit card processor, which confirms that the customer has the sufficient funds to cover the cost of the transaction. In it, an amount equal to the price of goods or service is deducted from the card until the merchant clears or approves the transaction. This may occur after the transaction has been completed, aborted or when the duration of the hold expires.

How long does it take for an authorization to clear?
In the case of debit cards, authorization holds may be cleared anywhere between 1 to 8 business days, depending on the concerned bank's policy.
In the case of credit cards, authorization holds may last as long as 30 days, depending on the issuing bank. You may need to contact your bank for more details on the hold/charge duration.
Rest assured, Desertcart will only charge the exact amount on the order, and this can be verified in your bank statement.

if you believe there is an error and you have checked with the bank, please contact us 24/7 on live chat for further assistance.
DesertCart is committed to offering the best prices to our customers spread across 200+ countries, and one component of the price of the item are the duties, taxes, and other government charges that are individual to each country.

We work hard to ensure that these fees are not concealed and that you are not required to pay these additionally at the time of delivery. We incorporate these local duties and taxes into the price that you see on our site based on your location and one key step within this is to fulfil the import customs clearance regulations.

In order to comply with these regulations we have to produce an invoice for customs that excludes the government imposed fees which they then use to determine the duties, taxes, and other charges that they will levy on the item at the time of clearance. As a result of this process this customs invoice will often differ to the price that you paid. This is the normal procedure as the customs invoice excludes the duties and taxes, while your order total already includes this component.

If we were to specify the same price that you paid on the customs invoice, then they would end up charging taxes on top of taxes, and we would have to unnecessarily increase our prices. Therefore, this is both the normal and compliant process for customs, and also ensures that we can offer you the best possible price for the item with no surprises after you place your order.

Desertcart recommends and prefers card payments over cash for several reasons. The company focuses on selling great products and providing excellent customer service. Hence being cashless helps the company to ensure smoother and faster deliveries; while also providing customers products at much lower prices. Paying by cash also does not help banks to provide full customer protection. The company also offers its customers a hassle-free return policy in case the product is not suitable. In some countries like UAE, customers can purchase a prepaid internet shopping card using cash and then use it for shopping online. However, some items will show cash on delivery options on the product page, and then they can be selected as a payment option on the checkout page.
Pricing & Availability
You can purchase almost all of the items that are listed on our website. Just search for something you are looking for!

While we try our best to filter items that are prohibited in your country, it may not always work due to the millions of items that are shown from various merchants. Please check your country's customs and import regulations before placing an order.

If we are unable to ship an item listed on Desertcart due to international shipping regulations, customs regulations, or other reasons, we will cancel your order.

Our trained staff review each order and will let you know if there are any issues before/after you are charged.
You can see the final cost of your order after adding an item to your cart. If the item you have ordered is oversized, an extra shipping charge may apply. If your item exceeds a courier's standard dimension or weight, they may charge an additional fee. We will communicate this with you before we charge your order.

Please see below for other countries' flat rate delivery charges:
- KSA - SAR 25
- India - ₹99
- Jordan - JD 5.00
- Bahrain - BD 2.500
- Kuwait - KD 2.500
- Qatar - QAR 25
- Lebanon - $7.00
- Oman - 2.500 OMR
- UK - £5.00
- Singapore - 10 SGD
- Egypt - E£ 100
Most products listed on our website are sold by other online retail stores. Some from the UAE, others are from international merchants from the US, UK, and India. We currently focus on showing the items from online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.
We try to show you the most up-to-date information on availability that we have obtained. However, as all items are sourced from third-parties, items may become unavailable in a short span. We will definitely inform you if one of your items is out of stock.
The prices shown to you include the total price of your purchase including the item cost, any customs charges as well as shipping and handling charges. We show you the total cost that will be charged to you. But if there may be changes, we will communicate this with you before we charge your order.

Our goal is to provide the most affordable way to shop online, and we try to give you the lowest price that we can provide. The prices listed on our site are final, however, they are subject to change based on the sellers' pricing. Sellers may lower or raise their prices at any time. Also, if your item exceeds a courier's standard dimension or weight, they may charge an additional fee.

We will communicate this with you before we charge your order.
Existing Orders
While we try to make sure every order is perfect, sometimes they aren't. There may be manufacturer defects, logistics issues, wrong item etc. If you believe something is wrong, please let us know as soon as you've received the order by contacting our support team from your orders' page. We will resolve your issue as quickly as possible :)
You can cancel your order until we have prepared the items and charged your card (usually within 24 hours from placing the order). Orders cannot be canceled after they are prepared for shipment.

In the case of returning an order, the shipping fees (if any) cannot be refunded.
The amount will be debited into the original account you used to purchase the order.

For card transactions - the refunded amount will be debited to the same card used to purchase the order.

For bank transfer and cash deposit - refunds will be processed in the form of store credit.

Be advised that refunds may take 5-10 business days to show up on your statement depending on your issuing bank.

Bear in mind that we cannot issue a refund to a different card. If your card is already expired, please contact your bank institution for further information.
Some of the products listed on the website are with 6 months to 1-year international warranty and depends on the manufacturer. We suggest you see the warranty information of the product on the item page, or on the manufacturer's website first before placing your order.

If there is an issue with the product you ordered from us and you need our help claiming the warranty, please contact us for further clarification of the warranty claim of the product you ordered.

Be advised that warranty claims will take at least 30-60 days and sometimes up to 90 days depending on what country the product will be returned and the manufacturer's lead time. Since most of the products are sourced from international merchants, the products have to be shipped back to the merchant/manufacturer and we will never charge you for the product's return shipping to us and to the merchant/manufacturer's country. The merchant/manufacturer may send back the fixed product or send us a new product.

Please note that while we do our best to follow up with the merchant, we have no control over how long they will take to ship the item back to us.
Corporate Inquiries
To request a quotation for wholesale purchase, you can reach out to us at with your inquiry. Please send an email along with the quantities and product Ids for your requested items.
Other Questions
Please use the following emails to contact us for more specific queries:

Press/Media/Public Relations: press [at]
Careers: careers [at]
Legal: legal [at]
Most of our electronic items and appliances come from the United States, we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee if they are adapted to your native country voltage.

Please be reminded we will send a disclaimer to confirm if you would proceed with the order knowing the US electronic product might not work. Failure to respond to the disclaimer within 4 days will result in the cancellation of your order.

Items electronics voltage is from the country they are shipped from the US -> 110V, UK(220V), India(240V). Please check your countries voltage when ordering, otherwise, you may have to use a transformer to make sure the item works. We will try and inform you of any incompatibilities while reviewing your order.

A voltage converter/transformer can be used with the product however this will void the warranty of the item if found damaged from being fused.
You can filter the list when you click on the filter menu while searching for products on the website, and then select either Imported from India or Imported from the UK to check if there are alternative items with a voltage suitable for your use.
Due to the changes in weather and the shipment progression from the international merchants, we do not want to take the risk of processing your order because you might receive the item in bad condition. Most of the international merchants would not want to commit for safety purposes.

If you have placed an order about it, this will be canceled by the merchant selling the product. These items normally would be those that would melt easily during transit (chocolates, gummies, supplements with gel-like substances, etc.)

While we try our best to filter out items that we are unable to deliver, our large list of items makes it hard to do so accurately. But, we do have a consistent process to remove all perishable items.
Desertcart is a global shopping search engine. We purchase products from large e-commerce sites in the US / UK / India / UAE and export them to customers around the world. If you have exclusive rights to import your product into a specific country, please email legal[at]desertcart{dot}com, or sign up to list your products on
Plus Membership
1. Unlimited free delivery without a minimum purchase threshold requirement.
2. 30 days of free returns and exchanges instead of 14 days.
3. Exclusive deals and promotions only for DC Plus Subscribers.
Renewal cycle for each subscription with:
- Monthly: Every 30 days of the initial activation.
- 6 Months: Every 180 Days of the initial activation.
- 1 Year: Every 365 Days of the initial activation.

Auto Renew is activated by default and subscription will be billed on every cycle.
Subscription can be modified/cancelled from the plus membership section in the account page
The membership will be active for the duration of the current cycle.

Plus membership charges are not eligible for refunds.
Discounts and Promotions
- All coupon code discounts have a max cap value unless otherwise mentioned.
- 50% Discounts are capped at 13 USD.
- 30% Discounts are capped at 7.5 USD.
- Coupon codes shared in marketing campaigns are valid for week unless mentioned otherwise.
- desertcart reserves the right to change discounts and promotional prices at any given time without prior notice.

Desertcart is one of the top online retailers in the middle east and the rest of the world. They provide more than 100 million products from thousands of brands available across the globe. The range of products covers most of the stuff required by Men, Women, Kids and for home. They do offer exclusive deals and discounts from time to time. Customers can use the promo codes to get good discounts and save money every time they shop. The Desertcart coupon codes can be used at checkout before paying to avail of the benefits and save more. The company offers special discounts and deals during Black Friday, Christmas, Cyber Monday, New Year, and all such festivals and other special events.
Desertcart provides good offers, deals, and discounts from time to time. They provide coupon codes that customers need to enter during the checkout before making the payment. Customers just need to enter the code available on the discount coupons in the text box provided for coupon codes. Then, when you click next or proceed to checkout you will see the discounted price of the product after applying the coupon code. Then, make the final payment to complete the process. The product will be delivered to the address mentioned by the customer.
Shipping Restrictions
The following items are prohibited to be shipped to any country:

Updated: April 15, 2021 01:00 UTC
The following items cannot be shipped to United Arab Emirates:

Agriculture & Plant products - Clay, Corn, Dirt, Feed, Flowers, Fungus, Grain, Grass, Hay, Logs, Mowers, Mud, Peat, Pine Cones, Raw wood/Lumber, Rootsw, Sand, Seeds, Soil & Soybeans
Alcoholic Beverages - Beer, Spirit, Wine & Liquor
Alcoholic ingredients - Hot pellets,Malt,Wine yeast & Yeast
Archery Equipment - Arrowheads, Crossbows
CBD,CBD oil,Drug contraband,Hemp,Prescription drugs - All kinds of CBD,CBD oil & Hemp,Drug devices,Drug paraphernalia,Illegal drugs,Marijuana,Narcotics,Prescription drugs,Steroids and Viagra
Electric Bikes over 100Wh - Electric Bikes, EScooters, etc...
Electronics: Hidden camera,Detectors,Drones,Navigators,Signal boosters - Metal detectors,Radar detectors,GPS Navigation,Hidden cameras & Drones
Engines - Internal combustion engines
Erotic,Pornography,Sex Toys - Adult Toys,Books,Depictions and images of female anatomy,Magazines,Pictures,Sex toys,Videos
Fertilizers and Pesticides - Ammonium Sulphate,Fertilizers,Fungicides,Herbicides,Insecticide,Organic Nitrogenous Fertilizers,Rodenticides,Sodium Nitrates
Firearms, Tactical Equipment, Tactical knives, Gun / Gun Parts,Taser,Weapons - Firearms, Tactical Equipment, Tactical knives, Gun / Gun Parts,Taser,Weapons
Gambling - Gambling Devices,Playing cards,Poker Chips,Roulette Wheels,Slot Machines,Tokens
Hoverboards - Hoverboards
Ingredient - Contains methylchloroisothiazolinone
Ivory - Boxes,Jewelry,Powdered Ivory,Raw Ivory,Statues
Loose Lithium Batteries - Lithium batteries not packed with equipment,Lithium Power Banks,Loose or Spare Lithium batteries,Lithium Coin Cell Batteries
Means of Payment - Bonds,Cash,Checks,Coins,Credit Cards,Currency,Gambling Devices,Gold Bullion,Lottery Tickets,Money Instruments,Stamps,Tokens
Medical Devices - Dental equipment,Prescription devices,Veterinary equipment
Over the Counter Drugs - Over the Counter Medication / Prescribed Medicine / Habitual
Perishable Food - Fruits,Caviar,Meat,Sausage,Vegetables,Jerky
Plants - Plants in any form & condition, plant seeds;
Poison - Class 6.1 (toxic substance) and class 6.2 (infectious substance),Nicotine,Rat Poison
Political - Books,Audio Recordings,Pamphlets,Video Recordings
Sleeping aids/pills - Anti-histamine tablets,Diphenhydramine, Driminate, Dimenhydrinate
Stamps - Uncancelled/unused US postage stamps
Sweddish bitters - Sweddish bitters

The following items have restrictions that may limit the quantity or value:

Updated: April 15, 2021 01:00 UTC
Some items are classified as dangerous goods and have restrictions for shipping to United Arab Emirates:

Corrosive - Battery fluid,Cosmetic dermapeel,Dyes,Hydrochloric Acid,Iodine,Lye,Some Cleaners,Sulfuric Acid (DG)
Hazardous Material - Aerosols,Air bag inflators,Alcohol,Ammunition/cartridges,Antifreeze,Anything regulated by DOT as hazardous,Body Spray,Car Shock Absorbers,Cellulose Nitrate Film,Chemical Strippers,Chlorine Bleach,Class 1 Dangerous Goods,Cologne,Compressed Gas,Crazy Glue A (Maximum of 500 ml / 16 Oz per unit)
Jewelry - Jewelry (Jewelry with a value greater than $5,000 US)
Lithium Batteries(packaged with product) - Lithium Batteries(packaged with product) (Limited to 2 devices per shipment. Must be less than 100Wh. Max weight per package is 5kg.)

Updated: April 15, 2021 01:00 UTC
Pricing & Availability
Every country has different currencies and the conversion prices vary from currency to currency depending on the exchange value. Hence the price of every product will be shown in the particular currency of the specific country based Desertcart website. All the prices shown including delivery charges or customs charges will be shown during the checkout. The product prices will vary depending on the country and other factors like location, etc.