• Wash well before use. keep it dry after usage. After use, wash it well with warm soap, lemon, water or dish washing powder. apply vegetable oil inside the tawa / pan / kadhai and use paper towels to cover it until next use.
  • These Kadai are suitable for making those Dal Tadka, idli chatani Tadka, sabar tadka.
  • Completely hand-made, pre- treated Kadhai Pan without any chemical coating and works as good as non-stick.
  • You can use your iron Kadhai for roasting, sautéing, grilling, broiling, shallow frying in a small quantity of oil or deep-frying in plenty of oil. They are good for water based cooking like poaching and boiling.
  • Imported from India.
Size:8 INCHES Vedworld Iron Flat Kadai require less oil Cooking with vedworld iron flat Kadai is a bit different. You first heat the pan on high and then add oil and spread it around by moving the pan. A thin layer of oil all over the cooking surface is all you need to cook the food evenly without burning it. Iron cookware improves with age and frequent use, unlike that of chemical-coated cookware, which can only deteriorate as you use it. You will find that you can cut down on cooking oil once you shift from aluminum or stainless steel pans to cast iron pans, but it will not be cooking on Teflon coated non-stick pans as well. Vedworld Iron Pans keep food from burning If you were to keep a iron pan on the stove and start cooking immediately as you would do with an aluminum pan, the food is likely to get burnt in places. That is why they have to be preheated prior to cooking. The thermal conductivity of iron pans is very poor compared to that of copper or aluminum, and they tend to form hot spots as stainless steel utensils do. But once heated on high for a few minutes to make the pan really hot, it stays hot all over and keeps your food from burning in places. Vedworld Iron Kadhai are safer than many modern pieces of cookware Ved world iron pans, they are just right for cooking on high heat. Although iron can react with acidic food, the seasoning on the pan acts as a barrier between the food and the metal. Since iron is an essential mineral, some amount of the metal leaching into the food does not pose any health risks.

Vedworld® Flat Iron KADAI | Fry PAN Original Loha | Iron | Lokhand with Iron Handle (8 INCHES)