ENVION - Ionic Pro CA200, Compact Air Purifier Tower For Rooms Up to 200 Sq. Ft. (Black)

Product Description

IONIC PURIFICATION: This room air purifier sanitizes and removes 99.9% of airborne allergens, irritants, and pollutants in your whole home - plus it destroys cold & flu viruses, mold spores, and staph and strep bacteria.

SILENT OPERATION: This quality air cleaner destroys airborne germs and odors without any ambient noise. Easy to use in any room in the house, including the baby's nursery without disturbing their sleep.

COMPACT DESIGN: The sophisticated standing tower design is small and compact enough to make it portable and easy to move from room to room. The One-Touch operation with push-button ease saves time and effort.

3X CLEAN: Purifies the air in small to medium size rooms (up to 200 square feet) up to three times in one hour. Perfect for the home, bedroom, or office. It has 2 settings - one for high power and one for low power.

EASY-TO-CLEAN FOREVER FILTER: This machine does not require a filter replacement, which saves on money. Simply lift the removable cap, pull up on the collections blades' handle to slide it out & wipe clean with a soft cloth. It's that easy!

Imported from USA

Enjoy the peace and satisfaction of clean and pure air with our Envion Ionic Pro CA 200 Compact Air Purifier! The Ionic
Pro Compact creates negative ions and releases them into the air. Negative ions have been shown to have a positive
effect on mood and overall health. Those feel-good ions attach themselves to the pollution, germs, and allergens in the
air and are then attracted and trapped on the permanent, washable filter plates inside the unit. Perfect for small rooms
and to clean the air in and around your personal space. This small, portable filter effectively reduces mold, smoke,
allergens, dander, and odors. Whether you're asthmatic, suffering from allergies, looking to eliminate second-hand
tobacco smoke, or just seeking fresher air, our Envion Compact CA200 air ionizer has you covered. Allow us to detoxify
your home from allergens, dirt, and toxic pollutants, so you and your family can enjoy a pure and healthy home.

The Compact model is super easy to clean. Simply lift the removable cap and then pull up on the collection blades'
handle to slide it out. The collection blades are easily cleaned with by wiping them with a soft cloth. There is an
indicator light that tells you when it's time to clean the collection blades.

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