• 350 Newton bib protection and minimum 12kg punch test insulated mesh.
  • Regulation sewn-in bib, mesh integrity, head restraints in the back of the head, bib size and length.
  • Can be used in any foil competition in the U.S. or for practice epee and sabre.
  • Durable mask will provide for years of use for individual fencers and for schools and clubs for both beginner and competitive fencers.
  • Mask cord sold separately as Amazon ASIN: B005IRDS5O.
  • Imported from USA.
From first lesson to first competitions - a good beginner's mask that is also good for all levels of domestic USFA competitions in electric foil and epee, and is a solid practice mask for epee and non-electric saber with a noise-reducing vinyl head band. Available in 5 sizes, adjustable for custom fit. Outside: strong (passes 12kg punch test) with insulated mesh; pliable, felt-filled sewn-in bib (largest allowable) that lays close to the jacket, protecting the neck, unlike stiff bibs that curl up dangerously around the edges. Inside: lined for comfort with non-irritating fabric; hygienic because lining is cleanable; fitted for extra safety with forehead restraint to prevent mask from jamming against nose in a jarring contact and detachable elastic strap holds the bottom of the head close, just as tab holds in the top. The least expensive multi-featured mask available and a good one, too. Electric Foil Mask cord sold separately as Amazon ASIN: B005IRDS5O. Lining and bib colors vary.