• Imported from USA.
SEBEX SHAMPOO RUGB 4OZ by Sebulex: Thoroughly clean hair & skin. Formulated with conditioning agents to make hair soft & more manageable. Contains ingredients to promote skin moisture retention. Minimizes potential skin irritations. Additives such as aloe vera and lanolin help leave skin smooth and supple; hair soft and manageable. Designed to meter properly through automatic dispensing systems found on all major brands of equipment. The soap-free liquid easily rinses clean, leaving no residue on the whirlpool equipment. Cleans and conditions hair and skin. pH balanced - formulated to help protect sensitive skin & hair. Contains aloe vera & proteins to condition hair & keep skin soft and moisturized. Rich in a lather with a pleasant apricot fragrance. Features a clean, floral scent that leaves skin smelling clean and refreshed. This body washes and shampoo has mild cleaning agents that remove soils, dead skin cells, oils, perspiration, and other debris from the skin's surface. Its no-rinse formula can be used for skin, hair and scalp cleansing, making this a highly versatile item! Multipurpose liquid soap and shampoo helps remove dirt and residue from skin and hair, and conditions skin and hair